1. Hello
    Now I do pregnancy test on 7-4-2017 and it is faint positive whereas doing test again in evening 8-4-2017 it is negative. and also blood test having 1mIU/ml value.
    What does it means?

  2. yes it happens sometimes that test shows a blurred pink line. May be you have not performed the test accurately. perform the test again. but, one thing which is really very important is that always perform pregnancy test early in the morning while you urinate for the first time when you wake up. if you don’t do so then definitely the result will be blurred again. So, be sure that you perform the test with the early morning fresh urine.

  3. Miscarriage is very common these days but don’t worry you are going to birth to a healthy baby and to avoid miscarriage at 4 weeks you have to take the following precautions:

    1. Eat healthy food
    2. Don’t do vigorous exercises
    3. Take plenty of fluids
    4. Main hygiene of your body
    5. Take appropriate sleep i.e 7-8 hours,
    6. Do not undergo stress
    7. Remain happy.

    • If you have met with a miscarriage at 4 weeks then let your body get repaired completely. Let all this get finished naturally, eat a healthy diet and do not undergo any stress, be calm and give a gap of 6 months. After this gap period, you can again seek for a chance, don’t worry stay happy you will conceive again and will give birth to the healthy baby.


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