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Get Rejuvenated With Detox Foot Bath After a Long Tiresome Week

Are you looking to get rejuvenated after a long tiresome week? Then Detox foot bath is the right option for you. Detox foot bath is the new name in the world of beauty treatment.

A Guide to Detox Foot Bath
A Guide to Detox Foot Bath

Many salon or spa offers detox foot bath to remove excess toxic wastes from the bottom of our foot. This method is not new; it has been cultured by thousands of years. We found the treatment in some ancient folklore; they have been used the process to cure fever, infections, and some chronic disease.

What Is Detox Foot Bath?

Without withdrawing any food from your diet chart, this process actually cleans your body very effectively. Foot bath for detoxification is the safest way to clean waste toxin of our body. There are various processes for detox foot bath. Foot detox pads and detox spa are the popular processes but the homemade and electric processes are also very effective. For a healthy lifestyle, detox foot spa is a very remarkable choice.

Using Detox pads

Foot detox pads are very effective, which are made from tree and bamboo extract. These miraculous pads are easily available in store. Foot detox patches are very easy to use. It originated from Japanese culture. You should apply the pads for overnight and can notice the magic effect of the pads. It reduces joint pain; a headache and you can find less fatigued.

Ionic foot bath

An ionic foot bath is another process of Detoxification. This kind of foot bath is the method of electrolysis. This process is generated with an electrical method which creates a chemical effect. These waste toxins are results of our unhealthy food habits, generally consumption of packed foods and saturated fats. The power has charged with salt water; you can see the change the color of water after adding salt in hot water. This water has the power to open the pores of the feet. Ionic foot bath

Homemade foot bath

The craziest thing about detox foot bath is you can do the foot bath at your home with easy to get ingredients. The process is listed below

  • First, take a big enough container to soak your foot
  • Then collect some important herbs from your nearby health or nutrition store. You can also use some common ingredients from your own collection like tea, dried hot peppers, ginger, garlic and dried citrus fruit peels.
  • Now mix all the herbs with hot water and soak your feet for just 25 minutes and enjoy the detoxification of your body. Another thing you need for the foot spa is green clay or Bentonite.

Benefits of Detox foot bath

  • Heath issues reduced– It gives a real relief from many health problems because it releases waste toxins from our body. These toxins cause severe health issues.
  • Metal toxins removed- This process has a heavy metal removal power. It helps to remove aluminum and metals from our body.
  • Deactivate the germs– Bacteria, viruses, fungus are the real enemy of our body. Detox foot bath deactivated the super power of these enemies.
  • Relieves stress- Stress, headache, pain are the common symptoms of everybody in today’s fast lifestyle. Detox foot bath has the stress and pain removing power.
  • Helps in easy absorption of nutrients– It intensifies our nutrient sopping.
  • pH balance– Increases PH Level in our body.
  • Swelling decreased– Decrease swelling and unwanted fluid detention.
  • Get a glowing skin– Detox foot bath is also good for a glowing skin. This process has the power to removes bad skin.
  • Solves weight gain problem– Obesity or overweight is the most discussed problem in our society and Detox Foot bath assist us in weight loss process.
  • Anti-aging– This is also an anti-aging treatment and increases body flexibility too.
  • Fast recovery from injury– Detox foot bath helps us to recover fast from any kind of disease and injury.
  • It infuses our body oxygen.
  • Energizes the body– Revive our body and also gives energetic strength.
  • Get a sound sleep– A sound sleep is the most cherished thing for new age people and detoxifies foot bath improves our sleep.
  • Good for lymph and blood– Refine lymph and blood.
  • Good for the immune system– Boosts our immunity system and provides power to fight with many diseases.
  • Cholesterol level- Reduces cholesterol count.
  • Too soothing– Detox foot bath gives a soothing feeling of positivity.
  • Liver and kidney purification- It purifies liver and kidneys.
  • Controls blood pressure– It controls the blood pressure level
  • Cure for allergy– You can get rid of from allergy after taking the foot bath.
  • Pain relief– It gives relief from gout pain, edema, joint pain, You should get a sound or symptomatic relief from your pain.

This bath does not have the power to heal all these problems directly but slowly with one and another session it produces a relief. Actually, this process cleanses our system and detoxifies our organ and tissues.

Don’t try detox foot bath if your condition falls under any of these

Detox Foot Bath has some limitation. This is not for everyone.

  • Don’t use if you have pacemakers– Who have pacemakers; Detox Foot bath is strictly not for them
  • Not for heart patients– Heart patient, who is in a heartbeat regulating treatment, this spa is highly ignorable for them.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding woman– Pregnant women or breastfeeding mother are also aware from the foot spa.
  • Not for the person with organ transplant– Who are the recipients of organ transplant, detox foot bath is not for them.
  • Who has an organ removed– Who has an organ removed by some operation is not allowed in the foot spa.
  • People undergoing psychopathic medication– Those who are under medication for psychopathic reason should avoid taking foot bath.

Before start the amazing experience of Detox Foot spa we should have to clear some information.

Some don’ts while taking detox bath

  • No metal ornaments- Do not wear any metal ornament when we go through a stunning experience of Detox foot spa.
  • No cell phone– Never use a cell phone or computer at that time.
  • Supplements necessary after bath– Detox foot spa pull out toxins dorm our blood it also causes electrolytes disposal. To safeguard from these possibilities users has to take a multivitamins and electrolyte supplement.
  • Get hydrated before the session– Users need to be properly hydrated before start the session

History of Detox foot bath

This amazing process is the result of a long research conducted by Dr. Mary Stuggs. She followed the footsteps of American inventor Royal Rife; who invented a the microscope with the capability to detect some living microbes.          When ‘daily Telegraph, cover the story, the printed the information that during the whole process a bioenergetic vibration runs throughout your body while your feet immersed in the detox bath and boost the blood circulation and corrects the imbalance and also the dysfunction too.

How you take the foot Bath

During the foot bath session clients have to sit on a chair and go down their feet in a spa bath. A low voltage current runs through the organic salt added water for 30 minutes and removes the toxins. Negative and positive ions released during the process it meant toxins are coming out from our feet. Ionic foot bath balance molecules and cells also.

You just start your detox spa with 6 sessions over three to five weeks to maximize your detoxification, and then you can continue with one sitting in a month. There will be visible change after the process but how fast you get the sound results depend on your willing power and your lifestyle.

Ionic Foot bath machine

Ionic foot bath machine is run by a simple Osmosis process. This fantastic machine is very popular among people. People believe that the machine can cleanse the body on various levels. It helps with the particles from lower absorption to higher absorption trough membrane. From the machine, negative ions came out and run by the body and collect the toxic medium, thus neutralize the positive power.

Detox foot bath recipes

There are some great ideas of detox foot bath without any machine. Some essential oils are very effective for a detox foot bath. You can do it in your home also. What you need for the tasks are:

  • oils like castor oil or almond oil
  • You need some Epsom salt or finely grounded dead sea salt
  • sugar
  • Raw honey
  • Alkanet root or clay for red color and carrot root for the orange color.
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • essential oils

Some other recipes-

  • Salt bath- Take an airtight jar and mix one cup of Epsom salt, one cup of sea salt and baking soda. Store the mixture in the jar to keep out the moisture. Add ¼ cup of the mixture to your foot bath and get a good detoxification of your body.
  • Ginger and salt- Ginger is also very good for Detox foot bath. Add some ginger and Epsom salt to your foot bath. It is also a very good recipe of detox foot bath.
  • Epsom salt and tea bags– Epsom salt is actually the essential element for the foot bath. Add one peppermint tea bag and one chamomile tea bag with Epsom salt. Keep it in your water basin as the tea bags steeps for ten minutes. Then experienced a great foot bath.
  • Vanilla extract– Vanilla extract is also a very useful element for a foot spa. Just mix some honey, which is an antibacterial and antifungal natural product; with liquid soap, sweet almond oil, and vanilla extract. This recipe is also very brilliant for exfoliation. Honey also gives very good moisture to our skin. So this awesome recipe of foot bath also softens our rough foot.
  • Almond, grape seeds, sesame, hemp are also used for detox foot bath.
  • Apple cider vinegar– Apple cider vinegar is another good product for Detox foot bath.

Final Words

What you need for a Detoxification is a healthy lifestyle. You have to drink enough quantity of purified water; need to quit unhealthy food habits, alcohols drinking. Processed foods are very unhealthy for our body. So enjoy the efficiency of Detox foot bath with a healthy lifestyle. If you follow the right way of living, you can find a visible result of Detox foot bath sessions. In our pollution affected, stress full social life Detox foot bath revive a soothing impression.


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