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Benefits Of Chamomile Tea : Some Untold Facts

Chamomile tea derived from daisy flower family renowned for its medicated properties along with beauty attributes. Chamomile flower is white in color looks like a daisy with solid smell and analgesic characteristics.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

A tea with delectable taste, golden in color make it toothsome to eyes as well as to drink with lot of expedient properties for leading a healthy life.

Chamomile Tea is still not known to many, it is a name searching for its identity in field of aroma. Only few are aware with the miraculous effects of chamomile tea on health, body and skin.

Health Benefits of  Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea is a Health Asset, if you are a person for whom every time is a good time for tea, then you will surely love to know health benefits.

1. Insomnia Healing

Watchful and insomniac nights frequently result in tension along with anxiousness and anxiety which may result in extreme depression. This tea is helpful in comforting oneself from depression and anxiety.

How to Consume

  • Add Chamomile Tea in boiling water and let it boil for few minutes.
  • You can add sugar for taste, but it is suggested to have it without sugar.
  • Drink 3-4 times a day.

2. Stomach Pain Regimen

Chamomile tea is effective for treating or calming stomach aches. It is prefered to soak chamomile tea bags in hot water instead of bubbling water because bubbling water may ruin healing power of chamomile.

How to Consume

Chamomile comprises of genuinely mitigating essentials and has potential to treat intestinal and stomach issues. Consume Chamomile one cup in the morning and one in the night while ache persists.

3. Relief from Migraine

Chamomile is known for it’s therapeutic use in anxiousness, agitation, crabbiness and sleeps deprivation. This herbal tea eases off the sensory systems with aromatic flavor and soothing effects to give peace and calmness to your body.

How to consume

Drink a cup of chamomile tea 4 to 5 times a day to get relief from headache and uneasiness. It’s aroma also helps to ease your sensory system to give you mental rest.

4. Bowel Syndrome

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a ceaseless phase of the digestive framework. One of the major manifestations is stomach torment along with adjusted bowel propensities; these indications have no detectable reason.

How to consume

Consuming Chamomile tea twice a day gives better result in reducing cramping and torment and ease excess gas and bloating in digestion. Drinking a mug of chamomile tea help to soothe gastroenteritis or stomach influenza.

5. Menstrual Cramps

Seeking to facilitate the uneasiness during menstrual period, try a mug of Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea acts as relieving solution for menstrual spasms from a long time.

How to consume

Chamomile impacts in simplicity of  spasms if you drink 2-3 cups of tea a day. It builds levels of the amino glycine in your body and large amounts of glycine which help in simplicity of menstrual spasms.

6. Allergy and Rashes

Chamomile tea has astonishing results for rashes.

How to Consume

Dip a cotton ball into cool chamomile tea. Apply it on the rashes and allergies on your body. It gives a cool sensation and provides with the needful help. Repeat the process in a day according to unfavorable susceptibilities which in turn help to dispose of the allergies and rashes.

7. Stomach Ulcer

Chamomile tea soothes ulcers in the stomach. How to Consume To get rid ease from the agony you should consume tea regularly. Individuals who have undergo surgery for uprooting stones; regular intake of chamomile tea prevents re-development of these stones.

8. Skin Inflammation

Chamomile tea can fight against skin irritation scars and remove through its anxiolytic agent properties.

How to Consume

There are two ways to consume chamomile tea for acne treatment or skin break out. It can be consumed topically or orally. In both ways, the tea is effective in giving relief from acne. Tea leaves can be used both by drinking and rubbing on the skin to get a great result.

9. Skin Bleach

The natural tea used to lightens your skin tone. It makes your skin wrinkle when utilized regularly for more than two-three week, it will helps in easing spots and inflammation scars mark on skin.

How to Use

Mix three tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers in water and boil it for about 8-10 minutes. In the mixture, add one tablespoon of nectar and rose water. Apply on the face and neck for 15 minutes and wash fresh water. This remedy will give your skin a shine.

10. Skin Irritation

Chamomile tea gives promising results in sunburns when applied skin. Tea packs also gives calming effect to puffy eyes when people watch TV or PC for extend periods of time.

How to Use

It acts as a relieving healer when used as a part of shower and is extravagant approach to provide you a spa-like treat. A chamomile shower can be used for infants to get ease from diaper rash. Sugar free chamomile tea can be used to get rid of skin irritation quickly. It can also be used as advantageous solution for dry scalp.

11. Dark Circles

Herbal tea packs can be used to lighten dark circles under eyes.

How to use

For this home remedy, dip chamomile tea bag for 5 minutes and after cooling hold it under eyes. Keep it for 5 minutes and after that wash with fresh water. This tip lightens the dark circles under the eyes and give relief from eye puffiness.

12. Reduce Swelling

Icy chamomile tea bag turns out to be exceptionally good in treatment of harmed pimples to reduce its swelling and redness.

How to Use

Ice chamomile tea is applied to the infected area. You have to apply it twice a day.

13. Skin Moisturizer

This Herbal tea acts as a decent lotion along with brilliant cleanser for skin. The components of chamomile tea acts to be great cover for skin inflammation and serves as a decent toner for skin.

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