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5 Benefits Of Power Naps Prove That It Is Actually Your Best Friend

Yes, you read it right. There are actual benefits of power naps. Taking a 25-30 minute nap is actually beneficial for you. Many great personalities in world history used to take power naps in order to increase their productivity: Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Salvador Dali and many more.

power naps

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If you find your day little tiring, even after sleeping 7 hours a day, napping is the solution for you. Power naps can recharge your batteries in a way you would have never imagined.

How to nap right?

Keep it brief: The ideal time for power naps is 20-30 minutes. A few minutes of sleep can also be beneficial. If you sleep for too long, you will suffer from sleep inertia, which is the post-sleep grogginess and is very difficult to get over.

Look for a cool, quiet and dark place: Less light and no noise will help you doze off quickly. If the temperature is cool, even better!

Stay Regular: If you stay regular, you are sure to doze off quicker and wake up faster.

Never feel guilty about napping! Relaxing power naps are sure to improve your productivity at work and make you feel fresh.

5 Benefits of power naps are as follows:

1. Increases Alertness (As Ross would say, UNAGI!):

One of the many benefits of power naps is that you get through the remaining day without making any stupid or silly mistakes. You will be far more ready to face things if you are more alert and alive. It will also make sure that complications don’t come up repeatedly. Your focus improves by a third thus, making it possible for you to take up more work than usual and impress your seniors at work.

2. Fulfil The Needs Of The Body (So that you don’t act like an angry girlfriend):

There are many people who need to sleep twice per day yet they only get to sleep once. The results are obvious: steep fall in productivity, mood swings become a common occurrence, anger management issues and inability to effectively concentrate on work. Power naps make your body more productive since the needs of your body are fulfilled. Power naps also decrease the heart rate by 5%, which means who feel relaxed and well-rested.

3. Healthier Body (who doesn’t want that!):

Another one of the many benefits of power naps is that it can decrease chances of heart diseases and increase the concentration of the brain. This is because the body gets the rest it requires. The healthier you feel, better will be your performance throughout the day with the right frame of mind. Power naps slow down the metabolism of our body, which helps in the detoxification of our body.

4. Improves Your Performance In The Sack:

Improves Your Performance In The Sack


This is one of the most important of the many benefits of power naps. More sleep means your body is well rested and fully energized. So even after you go home after work, you are bubbling with energy. That energy can be spent well by making your better half happy. A happy and satisfied girlfriend/housewife transforms into a happy relationship. If you are happy, the blood flow in your body improves by 7% with blood reaching in EACH and EVERY part of the body, if you know what we mean.

5. Helps Keeping A Check On Emotions:

Hormones are dangerous as these things are in charge of managing our emotions. When they lose it, you end up hurting yourself and others. Napping helps in the regulation of hormones and keeps them in check. This helps us stay calm and composed and prevents us from losing our cool over petty things. Napping can also help in controlling the hunger pangs, which means you avoid gaining weight by eating unnecessarily.

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You need to stop caring what people say about napping during the day since they have no idea about the benefits of power naps! You are not lazy if you sleep during the day, but might actually be smarter than people who don’t sleep as you get more done than those people in the same amount of time because of power naps. That’s what you call street smartness.

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