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5 Chic Wedding Hair Buns To Walk Down The Aisle In Style

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Wedding dress (check)

Make up (check)

Flowers (check)

But what about your hair ladies!!

Well, it could be a chignon, a braided bun, a loose messy bun or an updo to the side – whatever way you want to style your mane, it should scream “bridal”. 🙂

In this article, we’re giving you some inspiration on how to style wedding hair buns.

Because we know that you’re tired of looking at bridal pictures in magazines and other media.

Also, the best thing about bun is that there isn’t much that can go wrong with an adorable bun on your wedding day.

They’re simple.

They’re damn pretty.

They’re convenient.

So to end your dilemma, here is a list of low hair buns for weddings to rock your BIG day with elegance.

Feminine Curly updo With A Side Braid:

This full curly bun is such a charming statement. Between all that volume and those thick curls, it has glamorous written all over it.

When you look up for hair bun styles for wedding, you’ll find many versions of it, because it’s such a classic look and it’ll never go out of fashion.

Also, it’s a perfect hairstyle for New Year’s Eve, Christmas as well as wedding, prom, graduation, etc.

You’ll need:

  • Elastic band
  • 10-12 bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Hair accessories (optional)


  • Make a narrow section of the hair near your ear.
  • Keep some hair in the front and create a regular Dutch braid from the rest of the section.
  • Tuck the sides of the braid to give it a more impressive look and secure it with an elastic band.
  • Now, tease the hair on the crown and secure it in a loose ponytail.
  • Flip this ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin above the elastic band.
  • Create multiple hair twists and pin them, including the Dutch braid above the band.
  • Keep a few strands of hair near the ear to frame your face.
  • At last, tuck the remaining front hair at the back of your head.
  • Spray your hair generously to keep the bun in place.

Perfect for:

• Curly and medium to long hair

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Bridal Messy Side Bun:

This is a perfect messy bun wedding hair for all the ladies who have long hair.

It’s perhaps the most pinned and timeless wedding hairstyle. So, years later, when you look back at your wedding photos, you won’t feel dated.

You’ll need:

  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pins


  • Part your bangs to one side and spray to smooth out your hair.
  • Divide your hair into two sections and put them into two ponytails on one side.
  • Separate a section of hair from the first ponytail and wrap it around to conceal the hair tie.
  • Do the same with second ponytail (don’t forget to secure them with bobby pin).
  • Now, separate a small section of hair from the first ponytail.
  • Twist it and grab a few strands with one hand and push the hair back with other hand towards the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pin.
  • Repeat this technique till all the hair is in the bun.
  • Pull a few strands of the messy bun to make it more voluminous.

Perfect for:

• Thick and fine hair

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Elegant Side Bun Wedding Hair:

Side buns on blushing brides are a sight to behold.

We love them and when it comes to the big day, we can’t mess around.

Low side bun wedding hair is one of the most famous hairstyle because it’s very versatile.

But, remember to choose the bun style according to your face, make-up and outfit.

You’ll need:

  • Hair wax
  • Rubber band
  • So many bobby pins


  • Use some hair spray or hair wax to give the bun more texture.
  • Give the back of your crown some teasing.
  • Then, section out the sides and back of the crown as well.
  • Now, with the remaining hair, make a loop bun.
  • After that, take the hair from the sides and twist them towards the bun and pin them up.
  • Repeat this till no hair is left to tuck in.

Perfect for:

• Slightly wavy and curly hair

Classic Bridal Updo:

So, you’ve curly hair and you want to flaunt them on your wedding day. Then, this classical bridal bun is one of the best wedding hair bun updos.

You’ll need:

  • Dry shampoo
  • Curling iron
  • Bobby pins
  • Flowers


  • Detangle your hair with a brush.
  • Apply dry shampoo to the scalp, so that your hair doesn’t look greasy at the end of the day.
  • Curl your hair, if you’ve straight hair.
  • Now, split the top crown area and back comb it.
  • Then, smooth the edges of the bottom of the teased section and tuck it with a pin.
  • Divide the bottom section of your hair into three parts.
  • Using one inch section of your hair, loop it around your finger and pin it loosely under the bump you made earlier.
  • Keep on looping the hair strands and make sure that everything is in place.
  • In the end, accessorize the messy bun with flowers.
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Perfect for:

• Curly hair

Chic Chignon For The D-Day:

The chignon is one of the best wedding buns for long hair, which is pretty much a fancy word for bun and has made a fashion comeback with a bang.

Chignons can be spotted on the heads of the hottest celebs and red carpet walkers and you’re not less than them.

So, to be as hip as these ladies, try out a chignon and be a head-turner bride.

You’ll need:

  • Hair tie
  • A lot of bobby pins


  • Part your mane into two sections, one in front and other at the back.
  • Then, do a Dutch braid in the front and tie it with the hair tie.
  • If you’ve thin hair, then tuck on the braid to give it some volume.
  • Give yourself a ponytail near the nape of your neck.
  • After that, make a hole above your hair tie and flip the ponytail into it.
  • Now, take your ponytail and wrap it around your hand and roll it into a bun.
  • When the bun is in the place, fix it with large bobby pins.
  • In the end, take your braid and wrap it around your bun and pin it properly.
  • Accessorize the bun according to your whims and fancies. *wink*

Perfect for:

• Straighter your hair the better.


We hope that the brides-to-be will get some inspiration from these wedding hair buns.

You can also mix and match the above hair do’s to create your own glamorous look to bewitch your man.

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Home Beauty & Style 5 Chic Wedding Hair Buns To Walk Down The Aisle In Style

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