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Skin Care

Skin Detox : All You Wanted to Know About Beauty Detox

Skin is the outermost covering of our body and is the most important part of our anatomy. Skin also contributes to your appearance and thus keeping it healthy is very important. Through regular exercise, the skin remains healthy and contributes to the better functioning of the organs inside the body.

beauty detoxIn today’s lifestyle we tend to ignore our skin and with growing pollution and our toxic eating habits, our skin has started degrading. Skin degradation directly affects our appearance and hence detoxification of skin is very necessary. The skin has pores throughout the surface and thus it can be detoxified easily by doing some exercise and sweating.

Do you know your skin well?

Before selecting any remedy to clear and detoxify your skin, there are some of the important facts that you need to know about your skin.

There are different layers present in our skin and to make changes to the deepest layer, it takes almost 4 to 6 weeks. A study by Elizabeth A. Grice gives details about the microbial structure of the skin. It is a difficult process to make changes from the surface of the epidermis layer to the lowest level of the skin and make healthy changes.

Thus, it is the necessary to be patient if you want to make amends in the texture and outlook of your skin; perhaps you will see results when you start applying any lotion or a cream to your skin. The same is in the case of dietary supplements.

Hence, any dietary supplements or external applications on your skin take a long time to show its significant results. Also, for proper healing of skin and repair of dead cells, it might take almost 3 to 6 months from the day when you start your medication process.

Why Does Skin Need Detoxification?

Regular cleansing and detoxification of skin are necessary to remove excess oil, dirt and other unwanted material from the surface of the skin. This will help in controlling the formation of sebum, and repair of dead skin cells. It is necessary to remember that to follow a strict skin detox regime, you need to take care of your diet and the products that you apply to your skin.

Excessive Oil Secretion- Sebum Formation

Most of the skin problems emerge due to the secretion of excessive oil on the surface of your skin. Acne is among one of the major skin problems which are caused by overstimulation of oils. Thus, the oil glands will get infected. But have you ever wondered about the reasons behind this infection?

Oily Skin- Why It Happens?

Excessive oil secretion may be due to the excessive consumption of oily food. It can also be due to hormones, improper functioning of the liver and digestive system, adrenal functioning and poor diet as well.

Undoubtedly, your skin will use the only particular amount of oil which you consume through your diet. Make sure to eat only lighter food products that are oil free so that they can control the excess secretion of oil in the oil glands and help to recover the skin related diseases.  

Foods that can help

  •   Animal fats- like red meat or pork
  •   Dairy products- like butter, yogurt, and cheese
  •   Chocolate sweets- like anything with is baked with refined sugars, white flour, and fats.

Also, when adrenal glands release a hormone in the excessive amount it creates a stress response in your body. It thus makes the oil flow excessively in the glands, body temperature increases and leads in irritation in the sensitive skin.

Basic Nutrients And Ingredients Make All The Difference

You should be aware of the basic constituents of the food you consume in your daily diet. There are many stimulating food and substances for your skin, like spicy dishes, chili, curry, alcohol, caffeine, Nicotine, oranges, and strawberries.

You should stay away from all these food substances because at least 95% of the skin related diseases are caused by them.

Use Of Correct And Reliable Skin Products

  • To properly heal the skin infection and related issues, always avoid using hard soaps, peeling off, scrubs and foaming cleaner.
  • Always, be sure that the product you are applying on the face is natural and light, maintain the balance of pH level and try to avoid usage of moisturizer at night.
  • Let your skin breath properly and maintain its moisture level and helps to stabilize its own moisture.
  • Avoid excessive sunbathing during summer; avoid entering into the chlorinated water while swimming.
  • Always remember to maintain the consistency level of your skin by following a proper diet and lifestyle of the individual.

After following these small facts, your skin will clear up and soften. Thus, it reveals a clear and provides healthy complexion to you.  Also, the process is lengthy and you won’t get immediate results just after to start your medication. You have to be patient enough to get desired results and make your skin look young and clear.

Did you know that salads are one of the healthiest ways to keep your skin clear and glowing?

Build a better salad for skin detoxSkin Detox- Quick DIY Steps For Healthy Skin

Stop Inflow Of Toxins

The process of detoxification starts by limiting the intake of your toxins. Toxins that can cause harm to your body occur in different forms. All these toxins have different levels of effect.

You are well aware of the fact that items like, alcohol and cigarette contains toxins which can harm your body.

Apart from this, the green leafy vegetables and fruits which you regularly intake consists of pesticides and herbicides. These pesticides and herbicides also contribute to the level of toxins. So make sure to clean and wash all food items properly prior to direct consumption.

The Process Starts Within

Skin related problem like acne starts beneath the skin and then a protruding part is visible at the surface. Acne problem is not something that happens in a matter of a day. It takes a lot of time and starts from within. There might be acne on your face or shoulder or back.

It is not mandatory that it will cover your face only. Here is the list of some things which you can perform every day in order to improve the condition of your skin.

  • Drink plenty of water in a day. Because dehydrated state worsens up the acne condition.
  • Start consuming food that helps to recover the functioning of the liver and avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol to the maximum extent.
  • Always eat organic vegetables, meat, and fruits to avoid toxic chemicals. Also, quit smoking and limit down the consumption of alcohol.
  • Buy a water filter for your shower to limit down the amount of chlorine present in water.

Opt For Detoxifying Healing Mask

If your skin is sensitive and has severe skin problems, you should then apply healing mask made up of bentonite clay. This clay is famous to draw out toxins from your skin.

Also, it can be used at the time of bath. You can enjoy same benefits while applying it to your skin as a mask.

This mask will help to clear out your skin pores and remove all dirt and impurities present on the skin. You can apply it on a weekly basis to your skin. This bentonite clay is the best mask that not only detox your skin but makes it smoother.

Do Not Forget To Observe Your Results

While following a detoxification process for your skin, it is not mandatory to jump directly to the results. When your body succeeds in removing all present toxins, there is a possibility that it might land in a worst situation.

Your skin might show a change in reacting to different applications used for detoxification. It is because you have never detoxified your skin before and it’s your first time towards this process.

Once you have started observing the results, you can make additional changes according to the sensitivity of the skin.

Fill All Your Nutritional Gaps

Consult your doctor about your skin problem. There might be some of the nutritional gaps in your diet, thus a problem occurs due to nutritional deficiency. There might be some of the specific minerals, vitamins or any other specific nutrients deficiency in your body.

So Start Consuming A Balanced Diet

It is very difficult to consume 5 to 7 veggies or fruits each day that complete all necessary nutrients requirements of your body. Instead, you can consume food supplements that are available and contribute to the vitamin needs of your body. Make sure that their basic constituents are the natural foods and not just the synthetic vitamins and minerals.


Don’t think of getting instant results from the food, cream or mask you are applying to your skin. It is a gamble that you have to play until you win the match.

If you try to speed up your process by applying harsh cream or soaps or abrasive cleansers to your skin then you are landing yourself in a trouble and it might cause redness and itching of the skin.

Keeping your skin healthy and clear is a must to avoid infections and other skin related issues.

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