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Why My Periods Won’t Stop? Causes, Treatment and Precautions!

I know! Your unending periods are making you feel pessimist. You are fed up of bleeding. It is like the nightmare for you.

Am I right? Well, I have been there. I was struggling with the same condition since long. It was harrowing and frustrating too. I took lots of treatment but my period wont stop.

The reasons behind your illness can be many and one should know them. That’s why I am writing this article today. I will discuss the logics and facts with you to the extent.

Since you have tried everything but you are sick and tired too. If you can build a relationship of trust with me for few minutes, I will help you and will let you know some interesting facts.

If dwelling interest. Read from top to toe.

Why My Periods Wont Stop

My Period won’t stop! Contact your doctor if you have these

  • You are bleeding in an abnormal manner: It happens when you are bleeding excessive in the night. You are forced to change your sanitary pads after every two hours
  • When your bleeding period has gone beyond the limits, that is more than 8 days.
  • You have lost or gained weight and you are observing sudden physiological changes in your body.
  • Unexpected abnormal hair growth on your body.
  • You have developed acne on your skin. Especially the face, neck, and around the shoulder.
  • You are changing your tampon or pad every two hours.
  • You are experiencing bad smelly discharge, severe cramps, pain in the abdomen, pain in the back.
  • You always feel exhausted, tired, dizzy, and irritated.
  • Your appetite is narrow down and even though you put flesh on.
  • You are noticing big blood clots while you urinate.

Know about your menstrual cycle

Know about your menstrual cycle (1). When you are aware of your menstrual cycle, it becomes easy for you to make tags on your calendar and can get rid of ” My period wont stop” illness.

Well! Your menstrual cycle is of 28 days, very rare it is 21 in some females and 35 in other females. Normally, you bleed from 5-7 days.

This period of bleeding sounds normal. When it goes beyond its limits I mean more than 8 days. It’s a matter to think about and you need to consult the gynecologist.

Severe bleeding can be a sign of an illness. It may be because of any ovarian syndrome, hormonal imbalance, any other abnormality with the female reproductive system or reproductive health (2).

You don’t have to start worry. I am there to help you out. I will be very honest with you. Don’t be scared of the things but prepare yourself for the treatment.

You have heard the advice a million times. But this time kindly implement. Here is a list of causes behind your discomfort.

Why my period won’t stop? Reasons you should know.

1. Hormonal Imbalance:

Hormones (3) plays an important role in maintaining the menstrual cycle, when the hormones are not balanced and are not sustained at right levels, you bleed in an abnormal manner.

2. Ovaries dysfunction:

The first is; When your ovaries are suffering from any abnormality (4), there are chances of an abnormal bleeding and you deal with the condition: My period wont stop.

Let me tell you why? It is because any abnormality with the ovaries may lead to decreased progesterone levels which in turn causes heavy bleeding.

The second one is very popular and common syndrome. It’s is named as PCOS( Polycystic ovary syndrome) (5). According to a survey, 20-30% of females are suffering from PCOS these days. Especially the females from 18-24yrs of age.

3. Contraceptive Pills:

You already know this! You must be familiar with this name. Contraceptive pills (6) are birth control pills. If you are having contraceptives, there is a risk of developing adenomyosis (7). In this condition, the endometrial glands start growing in uterine walls.

This may lead to heavy bleeding. Some women take birth control pills to normalize their menstrual cycle like I do. I did not find any problem in me as I am having contraceptives but it depends from person to person.

4. Endometrial hypoplasia:

If you are struggling with heavy bleeding without big blood clots. It is likely that you have developed Endometrial hyperplasia (8). In this condition, the uterine wall “Endometrium” becomes thickened.

Your estrogen levels become more than the progesterone levels and you don’t ovulate.

Hypoplasia can be developed from following conditions:

    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
    • Obesity
    • Being perimenopausal
    • Intake of hormone

5. Intrauterine Devices (IUD’s):

You have been using this. Right?

They are also responsible for heavy bleeding. If you are wearing them and experiencing heavy bleeding, you should seek help of your doctor.

After wearing these devices, heavy bleeding is susceptible but up to 3- 4 months. If still facing heavy bleeding then there is some problem.

They may have done any injury or wound inside. May be or may not be they have harmed your uterine walls. Hormonal imbalance can also be the reason. It’s because, some of the IUDs (9) release hormones.

6. Uterine Fibroids:

The fibroid (10) is an abnormal growth of a muscle or a tissue. They may cause abnormal bleeding. The great thing is that they are benign that is non- cancerous. Hence, they are not life threatening.

But still, you have to be careful because the excess of everything is bad. So if it’s higher than the previous one. You should yell for medical help.

7. Uterine Polyps:

This also sounds relaxing as this one is also non- cancerous. Polyps (11) are abnormal growth on the uterus wall, mainly the endometrium. They can also cause heavy bleeding. 5% chances are there for cancerous polyps.

The sanity behind the polyps can be many like menopause, other physiological changes in the body.

8. Platelet function disorders:

This is most commonly seen in post pregnancy period. That is after the childbirth. In simple words, when there is any abnormality in the platelet functioning, you may suffer from abnormal bleeding.

This is referred as von Willebrand disease (VWD) (12). This disease is caused by the deficiency of von Willebrand factor. Actually, this is a type of protein which helps in blood clotting. When there is any abnormality with this protein. Clotting time may be delayed.

That is why excessive bleeding is there.

9. Carcinoma or cancer:

Cancer is one of the causes of abnormal bleeding. Post-menopausal women are more prone to this. Only 5% postmenopausal women suffer from this illness. Cancer may be cervix cancer, Ovarian cancer (13), uterine wall cancer.

If you have overgrowing symptoms. You should take medical help.

10. Medicinal intake:

Your medicine can be one of the sanity behind your illness. Let me give you an example; anti-inflammatory medicines and anticoagulants.

Very famous is Aspirin.

So if you are taking these medicines, you may bleed high. I am not saying that you should stop taking your medicine. No, I will never advise you this. But I just want you to know the cause, and you should discuss the same with your doctor.

11. Miscarriage:

When you have just gone through the miscarriage. You may over bleed and you will say my period wont stop but you need not worry about this as this is very normal after the miscarriage.

You may bleed for 2 weeks or more. You may experience golf ball sized blood clots. It is painful also. This blood is sometimes dark brown in color, sometimes pinkish, bright red. You may also experience severe back pain also.

You may go through psychological stigma. So be calm this is common in miscarriage.

12. Inherited blood disorders:

Inherited blood disorders are of many types (14). Inherited blood disorder can be one of the underlying cause of over bleeding. This is inherited in genes. You inherit this disease from your parents or genes of your family.

Treatment for prolonged bleeding:

Drug therapy:

Drug therapy is helpful for you ladies. But I cannot suggest you for medicines as I am not a medical practitioner. You should consult your doctor if you have the illness.

Your Doctor is going to investigate about you. The Doctor will do a complete check up. Then he will guide you for some laboratory tests. Don’t worry about it, these are just normal tests.

According to the findings, he will prescribe you the medicine.

If you have some inflammation, the anti-inflammatory will help you out. If some infection is there; Doctor may write antibiotics for you.

The Doctor can write birth control pill for you because these pills help in maintaining the menstrual cycle. If you are already having these pills then he may replace this one with the other or he can ask you to stop.

It all depends on your findings, trust your physician, he is definitely going to treat your illness.

Now, consider it this way. Do not rush in a hurry.

Surgical Intervention:

Frankly speaking, if your condition has gone worse. You may meet with surgical intervention.

If your body has developed fibroids, the doctor need to remove this with surgery. If polyps are there, then also the surgery is the last option left.

If your body has developed ovarian cancer, then complete removal of surgery can be done.

Hysterectomy can be performed in the case of carcinoma of the uterus. Removal of ovaries is done to eradicate ovarian cancer (15).

You don’t get scared about surgery. Surgery is not always life threatening but it may save your life. So go for surgery if your doctor has advised you, without any second thought in your mind.

You will be fine soon!

How To Deal With Heavy Bleeding? Some Tips For You!

  • Use double pad while you are bleeding. The double pad will soak more and no leakage will be there.
  • Change your tampon (16) or pad every 2 hours to prevent leakage.
  • Wear dark on the day of heavy bleeding. Especially the second and the third day. These are days when we bleed high.
  • Wear double underclothes while you are bleeding. Double clothing may prevent leakage. So your trouser will remain spot free.
  • Gulp hot drinks when you are bleeding. I used to do so. I take hot milk or hot coffee when I bleed. It helps me in relieving pain. Do not gulp anything chilled.
  • Side sleeping or side turning is the best position to sleep for 5 crucial days. This is the comfortable position, place pillow if required. Bleeding passage becomes easy.
  • Avoid coitus when you are bleeding, practicing coitus may lead to some infection. So one should not practice while periods.
  • Hot water bath is best for you during the periods. Your muscles get relaxed and pain may get relieved.
  • Avoid heavy food during periods. Like oily food may result into acne on your face. Eat healthy food and avoid heavy greasy food during the menstrual bleed.

Be strong! Just forget about it

Make yourself psychologically strong. Just forget about the thing. Go out for shopping, make yourself busy, do not drop your daily activities.

Take rest also. Take small naps in between the hours. This gonna give you relaxation. Do meditation. Avoid gym while you are bleeding because gymming can make you more tired.

Now you need to seek for doctor

As I have discussed with you that if your symptoms are exaggerating you should seek for your Doctor. Don’t even give a second thought if you bleeding since 10 days.

You may get iller. Prevention before time is better than cure.

You have the high risk of developing cancer if you have this in your family history also. If yes, then you should immediately consult Doctor.

Do not waste time on thinking so much.

Bottom lines

We have discussed your common question: Why my period wont stop? Well, I have tried to explain the causes, prevention, and treatment options. Now it all depends on you, how you take this. The problem is sometimes not that much big but we frame that big by ignoring the cause.

If you have read and got something relevant to you then you should immediately start working. I was one of the sufferers among you. I got treated and that’s why I decided to share this with you.

Now I wake up with the beautiful morning.

Come on! You can do it! You can be fine.

Your health deserves goodness!

FAQs About Prolonged Period

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_toggle title=”I can see big clots in my menstrual blood. Is there any abnormality?” style=”round” color=”juicy_pink” el_id=”1493133377199-f4db98f6-2f54″]Clots are normal in periods. But if it is too big then you should seek the help of your doctor.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What is the range of menstrual cycle and menses?” style=”round” color=”juicy_pink” el_id=”1493134088758-124c834f-008f”]The menstrual cycle is 28 days. It is 21 or 35 in some individuals. Menses lasts 5-7 days.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=” I suffer from severe pain during the bleeding. What to do?” style=”round” color=”juicy_pink” el_id=”1493134146383-bce03939-ff75″]You can take painkillers or you can take muscle relaxants to get relief from pain.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How long do period lasts after the miscarriage?” style=”round” color=”juicy_pink” el_id=”1493134184786-ec5a65af-502b”]It takes around 1-2 weeks to last period after miscarriage.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”My menses are repeating after every 14 days. Is there any abnormality?” style=”round” color=”juicy_pink” el_id=”1493134229271-41048e76-a98e”]Yes, some abnormality is there. You should seek the help of your gynecologist. [/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row]


  1. Becoming a mother is a blessed feeling in itself when you’re a feeding mother, it is likely that some hormonal changes are there in the body but since it’s is more than 8 days and your period wont stop, you should consult your gynecologist. Maybe your body has not repaired completely after the delivery. Your doctor will definitely give you the best solution for this. Don’t worry you will be fine.

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