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How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last? These Remedies Are Unbelievable! Have A Look!

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Hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, are the swollen or inflamed veins in the lower rectum and the anus.

Do you wake up with a sick feeling every morning?

Do you see blood when you press the flush button?

Are you tired of your illness now?

You suffer from pain, severe itching, difficulty in sitting, and you often wonder sometimes that how long do these are going to hemorrhoids last?

I can understand the feeling.

But you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

We are here to help you out. In this article, we have tried to discuss almost everything that you need to know about hemorrhoids.

Highlights About Hemorrhoids; More You Know, More You Will Be Fine

Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins located around the anus or the lower rectum. These veins are painful when touched. They cause itching, irritation, and discomfort when you sit.

Hemorrhoids are of two types:

  1. External Hemorrhoids
  2. Internal Hemorrhoids

Let me explain you the both!

  • External hemorrhoids develop under the skin outside the anus.These are also known as PILES. External hemorrhoids hurt more because they are present in the area where there are more sensing nerves.
  • External hemorrhoids hurt as well as bleed.
  • Internal Hemorrhoids develop inside the anus. They hurt very less because they are present where there are fewer sensing nerves.
  • Generally, you can’t see them or feel them.

Sometimes, it is seen that Hemorrhoids prolapse and bulge out of the skin.These are pinkish in color and look like small moist lumps.

Let’s Have A Look At The Symptoms:

  • Extreme pain and itching around the anal region.
  • Painful movement of bowel.
  • Blood on your toilet tissue when you wipe after bowel movements.
  • Swelling around your anal region.
  • Fecal leakage.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Things that need to be considered are here!

According to experts, following are the causes of hemorrhoids:

  • Chronic constipation. (5)
  • Sitting for a longer period on the toilet.
  • Genetic problem (or you can say the family history of hemorrhoids).
  • Straining during the bowel movement.
  • Pushing more during the bowel movement.
  • Longer sitting or longer standing times.
  • Obesity (6);
  • Pregnancy (7)
Note: Pregnancy Hemorrhoids (8): Pregnancy is also a major condition that can lead to hemorrhoids. The increased body weight creates a pressure on the anal region which causes Pregnancy Hemorrhoids.

How Are They Diagnosed?

Your doctor is going to diagnose with an external examination first.

To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor may ask you to go through these examination tests.

Digital rectum test (9)

  • To perform this test, your doctor inserts a gloved and lubricated finger into your Anus.
  • If anything seems abnormal, the doctor may ask you to go for an advance test known as Sigmoidoscopy.

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last? Don’t worry! There is a solution

“How long do hemorrhoids last?”

This must be the question that is eradicating your mind and your sleep.

You want to get rid of hemorrhoids as earlier as possible.

But wait!

Don’t put yourself in a hurry.

You need to follow a hell number of precautions and several treatment regimens.

The cool thing is that we are living in a technical era. So, we have more options with us.

It takes time for the disease to fade away completely.

You just have to work on symptoms and you will be alright.

Jump with me in and know about the facts.

Treatment: So, What’s the secret?

Pain Relief:

  • To minimize pain, fill a tub of warm water. Sit into this for 10 mins. Try this two times a day i.e Morning and evening. You will definitely get relief.
  • Put a towel in a hot water, wrung that by holding the sides. Place that on your hemorrhoids or the anal area.
Warning: Don’t apply hot pack if swelling is there, it may get exaggerated.
  • You can take heat from hot water bottle also, but moist heat is more effective as it penetrates deeply to heal the tissues.
  • If hot fermentation is not working then, Ice pack can be applied on the painful region. Ice pack can help reduce swelling.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

  • Drink plenty of water, about 4 liters in a day.
  • When you gulp more water, the less you pass hard stool.
  • Do not strain or push if you’re unable to pass the stool. The less you strain, the less will the pain.
  • Do not overload with water. Eventually, start with 1 liter. Then, next week make it 2 liters, then another week make it 3 liters, then commence for 4 liters.
  • Immediate overload can affect your kidney. So, go step by step.

Have More Fibers (10):

  • Eat more fibers; the more you eat fibers the more you pass loose stool.
  • Add these in your meal plate: Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes.

Consider Painkillers:

  • You can have pain killers when it is not bearable.
  • Painkillers provide you better sleep.
  • Consult your doctor for better medication advice.
  • Surgical Intervention (11).
  • Hemorrhoids are treated with surgical intervention.
  • When hemorrhoid becomes worse, surgery is recommended.
  • In a surgical procedure, the hemorrhoid lumps are removed.
  • Stapling is useful in the treatment of prolapsed hemorrhoids.The prolapsed hemorrhoid is fixed back into its place inside the rectum with the help of a surgical staple. The blood supply also gets cut off so that the tissue gets shrunk and can be reabsorbed.
  • Stapling recovery takes lesser time and is less painful than hemorrhoidectomy.

Home remedies for Hemorrhage:

  1. Hot Water Bath: As I have told you earlier, the hot water bath is best for you. Sit in hot water tub for about 10- 15 minutes twice a day. This will relief your pain.
  2. Maintain Your Hygiene: Hygiene is a major thing. It is advised to wear clean clothes, maintain your hygiene, change your clothes and underclothes daily.
  3. No More Soaps For Bathing: Don’t use soap while bathing. Soaps can aggravate your symptoms and can hurt your hemorrhoids more.
  4. Soaps can lead to irritation and swelling. Use basic body shampoo.
  5. Ice Pack: When there is any swelling in your anal area, apply ice pack on that. Ice pack helps in reducing swelling.
  6. Placement Of Pillows: ‘Pillow positioning’ during your sleep time is very crucial. Place the pillows under your lower waist area while you sleep in a supine position. This practice will hurt your hemorrhoids lesser.
  7. Sit on a cushion: Remember! Your cushion should be hollow like your donuts.
  8. Always use this hollow cushion while you are traveling. This is because hemorrhoids get worse with traveling. Take necessary precautions.

Now you have an idea about the treatment and the home remedies.

The thing is very simple. Right?

Hold on!

This is the part where you have to consider the most.

There is a common saying,” Precaution is better than cure!”

So, If you want to get your problem cured, you need to emphasize more on the precaution part.

Precaution Is Better Than Cure!

  • Don’t Scratch: Never scratch your anal area. This can further lead to the inflammation of your skin at the anal opening. Your hemorrhoids will hurt more.
  • It is better to apply some moisturizer or paraffin gel on the affected area.
  • Choose Cotton: Wear cotton clothes (especially, the under cloth). Put a cotton swab at the opening of the anal hole. This method will help reduce discomfort.
  • Do Not Strain: Do not strain while you pass stool. Straining is gonna hurt your hemorrhoids which may lead to blood discharge or swelling.
  • Straining can also lead to popping out of your internal hemorrhoid and when it is out, it becomes external hemorrhoid and hurts more.
  • Bathroom habits: Below are the bathroom habits that you need to take care of
  • Don’t hold: It means don’t hold your stool when you have a feeling of passing it. Stool can back up which may lead to more straining and push.
  • Do Not Use Alcoholic Wipes: Use non- alcoholic baby wipes. Alcoholic wipes may lead to inflammation. You can use cotton swabs also.
  • Go For Squatting: Sit on your feet and your knees.
  • Raising your knees as you sit on the toilet changes the position of your inner workings and could make bowel movements easier.
  • Breathing Exercises: Deep breathing exercises are best for you. Don’t do huffing. Just try normal deep breathing (in and out). Deep breathing is going to create a pressure on your abdomen and you can pass stool with an ease.
  • Regular Walking: Regular 15- 20 minutes brisk walking is very good for you. This helps in maintaining body health and is good for digestion also.
  • Avoid Prolonged Routine: Do not sit for a long time. Have a walk after sitting for an hour. Avoid prolonged standing because it can create a pressure on your anal openings. So, sit after 30 minutes of standing.

Food that you need to choose to fight hemorrhoids:

Listen to me carefully!

If you want to your hemorrhoid problem to go away soon, you’ll have to choose the best food for you.

We often follow wrong dietary habits which lead to many conditions and sufferings.

After all, it’s your body!

You have to take care of it.

I am there to suggest you as well. (Trust me with these dietary components.)

  1. Eat whole wheat. It’s a good source of fiber for you. Fibers going to help you flush out more easily.
  2. Take plenty of Vegetables like lettuce, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin etc. These are full of fibers.
  3. Avoid white rice as white rice is not good for your health. Brown rice stands by your side. Include brown rice in your diet instead of normal one.
  4. Oatmeal is also best for you as your body require fibers. That is why oatmeal is best for you.
  5. Milk products (such as curd) stand in favor of you. Curd helps to soften the stool. You can have 1 bowl of curd in a day or even twice a day.

Dietary fibers help to soften your stool. (No more cramps, no more pain!)

Words Of Closure

Last but not the least, I would like to bring into your notice that every third person out of ten is suffering from hemorrhoids. I have given you the best solution for that. And I think you’ve got an answer to your question: ” How long do hemorrhoids last? ”

All in all,

You just have to follow my advice.

Believe me or not, If you are going to follow the above-mentioned guidelines, you will be benefited.

Hemorrhoids is not a disease which is untreatable. But, it can be treated well if you take precautions and follow the instructions.

And soon, the day will come when you’ll be alright and you will be able to live your life happily and healthily.

Take care of yourself and take the necessary precautions.

FAQ’s about hemorrhoids:

Q. Can hemorrhoids be treated?
A. Yes, they can be treated well if a patient takes the precautions that I have discussed above. It depends on your potential. Whether you are taking precautions or not. Whether you are following guidelines prescribed by the doctor. It depends on your will power.

Q. How long after childbirth do hemorrhoids last?
A. They last for 40-50 days (post delivery). When your stitches get dissolved, your hemorrhoids become fine.

Q. I am pregnant and I am suffering from hemorrhoids. What is the treatment available for me?
A. 1. Well, you have to take precautions. As you are pregnant, we cannot recommend the medication to you. You will have to change your dietary habits.
2. Eat more fibers. Fiber overloaded food will help soften your stool. Hence no constipation, no more hemorrhoids.

Q. What sort of food should I eat in hemorrhoids?
A. Fibers are best for you. Overload your diet with boiled vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and whole wheat grains. Brown rice is best for you. This is going to help soften your stool.

Q. How long do mild hemorrhoids last?
A. Mild hemorrhoids can last for few weeks. Take precautions and change your dietary habits as discussed in the article above. They won’t take a long time to heal.

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