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Top 7 Apps For Finding [Fast Food ? Near Me], Satisfy Your Appetite

Are you craving for fast food? Are you searching out for a new place to eat in a new town? Are you looking to try a specific cuisine, but don’t know where to go?

Finding food in an unfamiliar place can be a tough row to hoe. Whether you’re wandering around a new neighborhood or traveling in a new country, deciding where to dine is never easy.

The things get even worse if you’re alone and feeling the pangs of hunger in the middle of the night and you are not able to find any restaurant near you. At last you’ll ask questions to Google like – Fast food near me open now, restaurants that deliver near me, and many more like this. Wanna Check some cool android movies apps which are currently available, check them up!

24 hour fast food near me
Apps to Find Fast Food Places Near You
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Don’t lose hope because we’re here to help you out. We have surfed for hours on the internet and compiled a list of apps or websites that can solve all your food related queries, regardless of your smartphone’s Operating System.

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You can see the opening and closing times of restaurants, read reviews and even see photos of dishes served by them. Some of the listed apps also let you book your table, if you are planning to go out on a date.

Top 7 Apps that will end your Google search for – Fast food near me:

1. Google Maps – The easiest way to find restaurants near you

Everyone has a smartphone these days and you just need to have the Google Maps app to find restaurants near you, which already comes pre-installed on Android Phones or just type Google maps in your browser.

The best thing about this app – It makes the navigation very easy from where you’re to where you want to go by providing you driving directions. If you want to go to any fast food chain like Dominos, Subway and Pizza Hut, etc. you just need to type the name and if that fast food chain is available in the locality, Google Maps will show you the directions to it.

2. Foodspotting – To find fast food restaurants near you

restaurants that deliver near me
Finding restaurants with Foodspotting is very easy.

Foodspotting is a visual guide for people in search of fast food near them. You can not only review restaurants, but also suggest your favorite dishes to your friends. Unlike other food finding apps, Foodspotting will answer your queries like: Where can I find the best Italian food, Mexican food and lots more.

You can search whatever you’re craving for, from Dumplings and Doughnuts to Pasta and Pizza. Finding the food of your choice on the app is as easy as looking in a bakery window. It has featured as App of the Week in both the Android and iPhone app stores. Foodspotting also received attention from The Cooking Channel, The Today Show and Inc Magazine.

It was named Top Travel Application by Travel + Leisure and was one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Apps of 2012. Due to these accomplishments and its user friendly experience, this is one of the Top Fast Food Restaurant Finder App for avid foodies who are hunting for good food.

3. Zomato – To end the quest for your query Fast food around me

Zomato Food Finding App
Never stay hungry if you have Zomato app
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Zomato is a very popular app for finding fast food restaurants near you. The app is helping foodies like you worldwide to discover great places for food around them. The company claims that their team visits every restaurant once in three months to ensure that their data is updated.

The app also shows reviews and photos of food by fellow community members so that you can easily make up your mind. Zomato has data of more than one million restaurants globally and using that data they make dining smoother and more enjoyable.

It also offers services like online ordering and table reservations (If you like to go on a date!). This food finding app is being used by millions of people every day to choose a place to eat in over 10,000 cities across 23 countries.

4. Yelp – My favorite app for finding fast food restaurants

Find restaurants near you and read reviews before going there.
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Yelp is a well-known crowdfunded restaurant review and ratings site. It also has mobile apps for almost every platform, and uses your smart phone’s on-board GPS to find out and show you what bars, clubs, restaurants and other locations are in your locality.

I have used this app many times to find fast food near my location. You can easily use filters on the site or app to see what’s open, what type of food is available according to your budget.

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Yelp has a massive community and you can read their reviews before going someplace or ordering food from them. You can really have some good ideas for what to eat by reading the community members reviews. One thing which I didn’t like about the app is there are so many mixed reviews for any restaurant that you can get confused.

5. Foursquare – Find whatever you are in the mood for

Discover great suggestions according to your previous ratings and reviews on Foursquare.
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Foursquare can be your one stop destination for finding the perfect places to go with your girlfriend or friends or family. The app will definitely end your query for – Fast food near me.

Not only fast food you can discover the best nightlife and entertainment in your place. Foursquare’s extensive directory of business, restaurants, and other locations of interest helps you find places according to your taste.

The app learns your likes and dislikes and will suggest you a place that you’ll love. You can discover great suggestions based on your ratings for similar places, and the ratings of your friends and experts you trust most.

This food finding app also factors in your favorite foods, drinks, and more. You can add them by tapping the pink F in the top corner of your mobile app.

Earlier, the Foursquare app’s user interface was a bit confusing for new users due to its navigation design. But, after removing the “check-in,” the app looks cleaner and has a smooth UI/UX.

According to the company “No two users’ apps will ever look the same.” It means that no two users will get the same suggestions.

6. OpenTable – A lot more than just reserving tables

OpenTable Finds restaurant near you
Make Table reservations using your OpenTable app.
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Initially, Opentable was used to make table reservations at restaurants from your smart phone, without having to call and deal with a host or hostess. Reservations are still OpenTable’s main source of income, but the company has now partnered with Yelp to exchange reviews.

The app will let you see restaurants near your location on a top-down map and you can also earn points and awards for making reservations through the app. The number of points you earn will be converted into discount vouchers.

Before making your final move, you can read reviews from other members of OpenTable so that you can have an idea about that restaurant. This food finding app has made our life easier by eliminating phone calls from restaurant reservations. The latest mobile payment option is also great.

7. Tripadvisor – Not just for planning trips

Not only you can plan your trip with Tripadvisor, but also locate nearby fast food restaurants. The app has a database of over 3 million restaurants worldwide and over 300 million reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travelers.

If you haven’t made up your mind and still thinking what to eat, the app lets you choose from a number of popular categories like – British food near me, Chinese food near me, Italian food near me and lots more.

You can select any category and if that type of food is available in your locality, you’ll see a number of results related to it. You just need to use any of the food finding apps listed above to satisfy your hunger.

Closing Words

If you think our article was helpful to you, you can share it with your friends so that they don’t have to Google queries like – 24 hour fast food near me. If you know any other food finding app that can be helpful for internet users, you can share that in the comments section below.

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