Pregnant From Precum? Chances, Myth and Reality


You are frightened from inside. Your mind is running in a dilemma.

Since you have fear inside your mind that you might get pregnant or not. This fear hit you like tonnes of bricks, but It will be of no use.

No! No! Don’t think that I am making you sicker. Actually, I want to help you out.

Just dive with me in and you will find the quick fix for that.

I know man;  Many questions are running in your brain which are making you more sick, sick, and sick.

But what you will get? Nothing! So, It’s better to trust me, stick with me and yes I am going to take you out of this mesh.

Pregnant From Precum?
Can I Get Pregnant From Precum?

You need to read all the aspects very carefully. Only then You will get rid of confusion.

Let’s be honest! You are looking for chances of getting pregnant from precum. Right?

Let me explain it.

What Actually is Precum?

Precum is a pre-fluid that a guy releases during the intercourse. This fluid is also popular with name pre- seminal fluid. Precum is alkaline in nature, It smoothens the passage of sperm as it lubricates the urethra.

This fluid also contains spermatozoa but not so much.

Let’s Talk About The Facts:

    • This point is for those women who have just commenced with their post pregnancy period. Let me tell u ladies; your body is more fertile when you just end up with your pregnancy period, chance are more to get pregnant again. Because your body has repaired by natural process. So be careful!
    • Fertility period starts at 10th day after menses and ends at 18th day. So, 12-18 days sounds crucial, chances are obvious.
    • Ejaculation can lead to pregnancy even when she is at fertility period, Now, Don’t get confused with fertility period. Hold on I will explain you.
    • 80- 90% chances are there to get pregnant with precum. It depends on the fertility of women as well. When women is at young age; she is more fertile and even if you don’t ejaculate, her body can magnetize your sperm.
    • It is possible to get pregnant even when man doesn’t ejaculate, It is because precum contains sperms. No doubt most of the sperms are dead in precum but urethra may carry live sperm towards female body.
    • It is possible for pre-seminal fluid (also  called precum) to have sperm in it. While pre-seminal fluid is not produced with sperm in it, but if  there is sperm in the man’s urethra from a previous ejaculation, The pre-seminal fluid may pick up the sperm and carry it along.
    • Let me tell you the fact, the thing is like that ;  A guy always secrets small amount of semen when he is at arousal, semen contains sperms and when sperm reach towards egg. The outcome you know better.
    • Now this fact  is actually something very interesting, It all about your Orgasm. Didn’t get me? I know. Listen! When females achieve orgasm before male, she is likely to attract sperms, because the passage become more wide.
    • With the process of orgasm contraction, baby your body magnetize and pull sperm very easily and you get pregnant.
  • Withdrawal method may sound as it lowers the risk of pregnancy but hold on! There is still a chance of getting pregnant from the precum, even though the man may not withdraw in time to prevent the actual ejaculate from entering the woman, making this method more  risky.

You started worrying and now you want to know more details.

Percentage of Getting Pregnant From Precum:

If you are looking for percentage of getting pregnant from precum then your answer is here.

Yes, chances are 80-90% of getting pregnant from precum.

Let me tell you how? Check out these two elements

These are the varying degrees:

  1. High
  2. Low

High: 85-95 %

It is possible when  man does not withdraw in time and ends up ejaculating in the vagina, there is a very high risk of pregnancy.

Moreover, even if they withdraw in time, but have intercourse before urinating there is still a risk of pregnancy.

This is because sperm may still be in the penis cavity and can be ejaculated through the pre-cum into the vagina.

The fact is that if the man urinates before having intercourse again, then this will reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Low: 30- 40%

The man withdraws quite a while before the ejaculation and has urinated between each sexual interaction.

Pre-cum has a very low chance of resulting in pregnancy, it is because of the low sperm count in the fluid.

However, with any sexual interaction there is still a slight chance of fertilization, If you are worried about this risk then you should practice safe planned intercourse.

Looking For Precautions? Bear With Me, I Am Gonna Tell You How:

Instead of practicing withdrawal method, you should try for some precautions.

Practising safe intercouse is more viable for you, As it has lower risk plus it makes your mind always free .

I am going to tell you some unrevealed methods also

Start practising with these precautions:

1. Use of Condoms: Condom is one of the best and safest method to avoid pregnancy. It is made up of latex material which acts as a best barrier for sperms to travel into female fertility drive. Condoms provide 99% surety that you are going safe. Practice intercourse by use of condoms.

2. Birth Control pill: This one is for females. Take regular contraceptives pills, regular pills are better than emergency contraceptive pills, regular pills are more safe and are not harmful for your body. Never miss your daily pill, You will have no worries about getting pregnant.

3. Use of Diaphragm: Diaphragm looks like thin rubber dome inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix, It prevents sperms to touch the eggs and hence prevent pregnancy.

4. Depo- Provera: This is made up of a hormone like progesterone, given in injection into arms or buttocks. This injection provides protection against pregnancy for about 3 months.

5. Implants: implants looks like small matchsticks, they are placed just below the skin of upper arm. They secrete birth control hormone steroid levonorgestrel which avoids pregnancy up to 3-5 years. Implanon and Nexplanon are famous implants. But be aware of their side effects like; weight gain, breast tenderness, menstrual cycle disturbance.

6. IUD: It is an intrauterine device, It is T- shaped device placed into uterus, It prevents sperms to meet egg. It works effectively for about 4 – 5 years. Only your doc can insert this device inside you. It is long lasting and hassle free device, side-effects can be pain, discomfort, and abnormal bleeding.

7. Tubectomy: It is a surgical procedure performed in females. In this Fallopian tubes are cut and sealed, Fallopian tubes are blocked permanently, no chance of egg to travel through the drive. Hence,  It prevents pregnancy.

8. Vasectomy: It is a surgical procedure for males. A small surgery is performed in which the vasa deferentia are cut and blocked. Vasa deferens carry sperms. The procedure sometimes may  not be effective just after the surgery because some sperm may stay beyond the sealed tubes. It becomes effective within three months.

9. Do not bring exposed genitals to contact: It is not advisable that you should contact your exposed genitals. Because this method can secrete fluid from your male reproductive organ called Penis. It is possible to leak secretions that may carry a potent sperm to a vaginal opening. In a humerus mood, I tell you that never underestimate the power of even one small sperm. So be careful.

10. Urination before Coitus or Intercourse: You can avoid pregnancy when both of you Urinate before commencing coitus. Here’s the mystery behind; when females urinate, their vagina becomes more acidic and hence sperms die before they reach vagina. Similarly, In males when they urinate, they shed 50 % of sperms while they urinate, so chances are less of becoming pregnant.

11. Have aerated drinks like cold drink before you have intercourse: Before you have sexual intercourse,15 minutes before, just enjoy your drink. These aerated drinks makes your sexual drive more acidic and hence sperms do not survive in acidic medium. So, this one was the unrevealed method.

12. Sit on your feet after intercourse: This tool is for females, ladies you have to do one thing. You have to sit on your feet after you have intercourse. Just rush out all the semen from your vagina. Wash vagina thoroughly with water pressure like hand shower, gravity will attract the semen out and hence no more compatible sperm will remain inside. Which means no pregnancy.

13. Apply vinegar: This one is again for females, you have to do one thing, apply three to four drops of vinegar at the outer side of vagina, don’t apply it deep inside, the opening of vagina will become acidic and hence  the sperms will die at the opening due to acidic medium. No chance left for pregnancy. I think this is also unique technique.

Bottom Note:

Strictly speaking; you can get pregnant with precum. Never confuse your mind, do not practice unprotected sex.

As I have discussed the chances behind, the probability behind, So you should look for prevention.

I have discussed preventive measures as well.

Believe me or not! You are not going to get this sort of  information from any other website or blog.This is the vast info I have discussed with you, This info was unrevealed which i have revealed today.

Implement them all in your practice.

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