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Why Mixing Xanax and Alcohol Is The Worst Idea? Find Side Effects Now

Xanax and Alcohol are two known drugs in medical science that cure various disorders. The duo can bless you under expert guidance otherwise give rise to vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a medical professional before consuming it.

People love to do something adventurous in life. They even don’t hesitate to take the risk for it. Many people try mixing drugs and consume it. But, this kind of experiments can lead to sudden death.

There are many celebrities and famous personalities who died because of drug mixing. Cory Monteith, Whitney Houston, Lisa Robin Kelly, Michael Carl Braze, Derek Boogaard etc died because of it.

People often take Xanax and alcohol together. Even without knowing whether mixing Xanax and alcohol is good for them or not?

Can You Mix Xanax And Alcohol?

Xanax or Alprazolam belongs to a class of medications called Benzodiazepines. Medical professionals use it to treat mental disorders like stress, anxiety, nervousness etc.

Alcohol is an ethanol. Medical science uses it to treat seasonal cough and cold.

If used therapeutically Xanax can also cause feelings of relaxation and euphoria. It can also make you feel high.

Some people just to enhance the euphoric effects of Xanax, mix it with alcohol.

Drowsiness, euphoria, relaxation and numbness are reported as some pleasant Xanax and alcohol effects.

But it has a dark side as well – Xanax when combined with alcohol results in a chemical reaction, which has an additive effect on your body and brain.

It simply means that the effects of BOTH, alcohol and Xanax are intensified when taken together, which can be dangerous.

Mixing Xanax and alcohol is like doing two different activities at a single time. Both drugs affect the body together and take control over it. People experience aggression, amnesia, hypertension, stress, mood swings etc at the same time.

Xanax and alcohol mixing also leads to death. The late American celebrity Whitney Houston also died because of mixing Xanax and alcohol. She was found dead in her hotel room. Police found prescription medication in the room including Xanax. She had taken help of cocaine, alcohol, and pills to fight stress in the past.

The early symptoms of Xanax and alcohol mixing are laziness, drowsiness, vertigo nausea etc. The long-terms effects are shallow breathing, memory loss, low blood pressure, breast cancer, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and faint heart beat.

If your doctor asked you to take Xanax as a drug then consult him/her either to take alcohol or not. .

If you take Xanax and alcohol together then quit it. Consult a doctor or drug rehabilitation center to get rid of drug addiction. Always stand 100 foots behind this habit to enjoy healthy and happy life.

Avoid citrus fruits like grapes, orange, and their juices while taking Xanax.

Side Effects Of Mixing Xanax And Alcohol

The mixture of Xanax and alcohol acts as an RDX inside the body. It gives rise to various vulnerabilities including:

Affects Mental and Physical Health

The mixture can lead to poor brain health. Our brain controls each and every body activity like walking, thinking etc. Poor brain functions give rise to miscommunication. It will affect brain alertness along with the nervous system. A person may experience issues like drowsiness, dizziness, sleep disorders, euphoria, numbness, and laziness etc. Trauma, anxiety, stress, slow pulse rate etc can also be experienced.

Memory Loss And Weird Behavior

Regular consumption of alcohol or overdose results in poor coordination. It lowers the brain function. The use of Xanax together will affect with 2x power.

It results in poor judgment, confusions, weird behavior, aggression, and memory loss. These two drugs together create chemical imbalance in the brain. People who consume it together face frequent memory loss.

Cardiovascular And Respiratory Effects

Alcohol and Xanax affect the nervous system with dual power. The consumption of these two drugs together can give rise to serious cardiovascular problems.

It also affects the respiratory system. Xanax and Alcohol mixing lowers the heart rate that results in slow breathing. It can lead to respiratory failure.

Patients suffering from asthma, heart diseases shouldn’t try it as they might lose their precious lives.

Dependence And Withdrawals

Xanax and Alcohol disturb brain and nervous system. A person who consumes it requires psychosocial and physical help.

The withdrawal from Xanax and Alcohol is complex. People, who discontinue Xanax and Alcohol experience chronic pain, cravings, insomnia, and irritability. Take the services of medical professionals to get your life back on track.

Xanax and Alcohol Deaths

Undoubtedly, Alcohol is one of the most common drugs used in combination with Xanax, however drinking while on Xanax can cause death.

Even a small dose of Xanax is perilous to take with alcohol. The only way to avoid is risk is to pledge not to drink at all while on Xanax.

Xanax and Alcohol withdrawal rehab programs

Inpatient Treatment

This treatment provides a structured environment to patients that help to get rid of addiction. It involves symptom analysis and effective treatment.

Residential Rehab

Residential rehab is a kind of a treatment where the patient resides under expert’s observation for 30-60 days. The environment will either forgo hospital setting or looks like a medical center. Medical professionals will take care of patients including both mental and physical health.

Outpatient Treatment

This treatment doesn’t involve residential or inpatient treatment. It demands either an hour or few hours per week. It’s a best diagnose for people who have a strong will and family support.

Tip: Always be loyal with your doctor. Share your medical health and habits with them. This will help them to diagnose vulnerabilities with low-risk drugs.

Xanax and Alcohol Overdose

The overdose of Xanax and alcohol can turn into a life-threatening event. A person can experience sudden weakness, impaired coordination, muscle weakness etc. In that case, immediately consult a doctor and take necessary medication. It is better to call an ambulance or visit the nearest hospital.

Concluding Words

Well, you guys are intelligent enough to decide what is right or wrong for you. So, take your life seriously and stay away from such nasty addictions.

And if you have questions about mixing Xanax with alcohol or other substances, then do leave your questions in the comments below.

We’ll try our best to answer all your questions.

One more thing, your experiences with Xanax and alcohol are also and always welcome.

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