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Lung Cleanse For Non Smokers | Clean It Before Its Too Late

Have you ever wondered that your lungs need regular cleaning? Lungs are the essential and vital respiratory organs. Their main task is to take oxygen when we inhale air and when we exhale it releases out carbon dioxide.

Lungs are among the organs that are never at rest. So it is our prime responsibility to keep them healthy. It is always advisable to clean your lungs on a regular basis.

How does Cleansing of Lungs Help?

Cleansing helps to detoxify lungs and clean away the delicate linings of lungs in order to remove environmental toxins and harmful organisms. Thus, it helps to promote normal functioning of lungs, reduce any kind of swelling and recreate its strength.

Moreover, it also clears away mucus which is present in the air and improves its circulation. Cleansing of the lung also leads to treating the problems related to chronic bronchitis, asthma, bad breath and infections of the throat.

For cleansing the lungs, you do not need to undergo any kind of process or task but you can easily perform it at home with some home remedies and changes made in the diet.

How to Cleanse Your Lungs? Simple Lung Detox Methods

  1. Deep Breathing – The Natural Lung Cleanse

To enhance the lung capacity and deliver the maximum amount of nourishing oxygen from air to your body, deep breathing is necessary. Also, it helps to reduce stress and energize your body.

  • To do this task, lie down on bed or floor (whatever is comfortable) and place your hands on stomach (base of rib cage).
  • Close your eyes take a deep breath while counting up to 4 then hold your breath for another counting up to 4, then slowly and gradually breathe out while counting up to 5.
  • Repeat this process on a regular basis for at least 10 times per session. You can also do it twice a day.
  1. Homemade Castor Oil for Cleansing the Lungs

Homemade castor oil can be used for cleansing the lungs. Castor oil pack can also be used to eliminate waste and toxins present in lungs, uterus, liver and digestive system.

It also improves circulation of lymphatic and reduces inflammation. Use cold pressed and organic castor oil to prepare pack.

  • To prepare castor oil pack, soak at least 2 or 3 pieces of fine wool fiber in a cup of warm castor oil and spread the solution on a large plastic sheet.
  • And place that soaked wool fiber on the lung area and make sure to cover it fully.
  • Cover wool fiber with plastic sheet and put on some heating pad for at least 1 hour or maximum 2 hours.
  • Afterward, remove this packs and rinse body with warm water in order to get rid of oil. You can repeat this process for at least twice a month.
  1. Consumption Of Oregano to Detox Lungs

Rich compounds present in oregano are carvacrol and terpenes, these elements are used as lung cleansers. These elements are best to reduce congestion in your lungs, improve airflow passage and maintain healthy respiratory tract.

  • To cure respiratory problems it is advisable to drink at least 2 cups of oregano daily if you are suffering from asthma.
  • Also, you can put on some fresh and dried oregano for almost 5 minutes in hot water.
  • Apart from this, you can add few drops of oregano oil in a warm glass of milk or tea. Drink this for once a day. Not only this, you can use dried oregano in your cooking as well.

Oregano also acts best as smoke cleanse. Chain Smokers should use this procedure quite often

  1. Ginger For Lung Cleanse

Ginger is the combination of several chemical compounds, which help to detoxify lungs, improve blood circulation and it’s functioning.

Moreover, it helps in the treatment of lung cancer. You can consume ginger tea daily for at least 2 to 3 cups to enjoy healthy lungs.

  • For the preparation of tea, boil 2 teaspoons (grated) ginger in more than one cup of water.
  • Allow it to boil in medium flame for at least 10 minutes and add lemon juice and honey for better taste.
  • You can also consume raw ginger or use it in cooking.
  • Be cautious if you are a high blood pressure patient. Do not consume ginger in high amount.
  1. Healing Lungs with Peppermint

It is another great natural option of lung detox. To relax your smooth muscles, you can use peppermint and peppermint oil that contains menthol. Which allows effortless breath clears all symptoms of congestion.

  • To ensure healthy and strong lungs, you should chew at least 5 peppermints every day.
  • You can also add few drops of the peppermint oil in hot water and inhale that steam in order to reduce congestion problem.
  • Moreover, you can consume peppermint tea cups twice a day.
  • To prepare this peppermint tea, add 1 teaspoon in hot water of dried leaves of peppermint.
  • Boil the leaves for at least 10 minutes on medium flame and serve it hot.
  • Be cautious if you have any kind of history of gallstones, do not consume excess amount.
  1. Inhale Healthy Air – The Best Lung Cleanse

The air you breathe every day has a great impact on the health of your lungs. Undoubtedly, you cannot control the quality of air outdoor but surely you can improve the indoor air quality where you spend the maximum time throughout the day.

Moreover, the air present inside the house is more contaminated as compared to the outdoor air, as your house has a regular use of chemical based items, scents, and air fresheners also. This chemical air has the presence of pollutants like carbon monoxide, benzene, trichloroethylene, and various other gasses that can easily harm our lungs.

To clean indoor air, make sure of regular cleaning and dusting of floors and items. For  best result use vacuum cleaner.

Do not use strong fragrances and reduce the use of non-toxic cleaning options. Ensure that ventilation is proper and make your house a non-smoking zone.

Changes In Daily Routine For Lung Cleanse

  • Before directly going for any detoxification process, you should stop consuming milk products at least 2 days before.
  • Follow your detoxification process with green tea. Drink herbal tea before going to sleep in to remove the toxins from your intestine. Thus, it will ensure that your lungs are not overloaded with any other part of the body during purification.
  • Every morning, you should drink almost 2 glasses of lemon water before breakfast.
  • To add taste to your diet that you follow on a regular basis, you can opt for drinking grapefruit juice or pineapple juice. As these fruits contain anti-oxidants that help to improve your breathing system.
  • Also, in lunch and breakfast, you can consume carrot juice. It can be used as a tonic for cleaning. During the night before going to sleep, drink the medium glass of cranberry juice that helps to improve your lungs system by causing no infection and fight against bacteria.
  • Spend at least half an hour daily for doing exercise and afterward, you can go for the warm bath for almost 20-25 minutes to allow your body to sweat in order to remove toxins from the body.
  • You can also inhale the steam. For that just add 10 drops of eucalyptus in boiling water, then cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam.

What Else Is Good for Your Lungs?

• Yoga- Doing yoga on a regular basis provides flexibility to your rib cage and is a powerful technique to heal your lungs.

• Cardio Exercise- Cardio-vascular exercises do not detoxify your lungs but helps in healthy functioning of your lungs. These exercises help in improving unhealthy linings of mucus that may cause toxicity.

• Purifying plants in a home- To clean the air in your house and raise oxygen levels in the indoor air, plant as many purifying plants you can. It will help in maintaining the clean and oxygen rich air along with enriching the greenery of the house.

• Lavender- You can plant lavender plants in your house. For this, you just need to rub the leaves together and breathe it.

• Mullein- It is a great element that can help in cleansing and healthy functioning of lungs. You can either have mullein herbal tea or even use it as a herb. It gives immense respiratory support and can even help you in quitting your smoking habits.

• Acupuncture- It is the great technique to remove toxins from your body and is worth to use it. With number of benefits that acupuncture offers, respiratory support and lung detox is among one of them. To know about benefits of the technique, this acupuncture article can be of help.

• To start with, find all allergies and sensitivities in the body which might cause inflammation. This inflammation in the body can be caused by consuming modern wheat. It is better to reduce modern wheat and switch over to the pure wheat.

• Himalayan salt- it is a good addition to the cooking ingredients in your kitchen as it helps in clearing the negative ions that ultimately form pollutants in the air. It thereby heals your lungs indirectly and shows a positive effect.

• Try to avoid chemicals- Detox your lungs by not breathing chemicals present in the air that can be formed by air fresheners, candles, smoke, Teflon and many other things that might cause damage to your lungs.

• Aloe Vera- Use of this in daily routine will enrich oxygen to our blood and hence reduce inflammation.

Concluding Words

Amidst the polluted air, spending most of your time in chemical filled air can destroy your lungs and breathing capacity.Thus, easy to do natural remedies for lung cleanse should be opted for.

So, to stay healthy and regulate the metabolism of your body, you should follow these remedies and detox your lungs.

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