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Why Lemonade Diet Is So Incredible

There are many people, who wonder about the benefits of lemonade diet. This lemonade diet, also known as master cleanse diet is immensely popular and survived the test of time.

It claims to bring about magnificent body transformations. Both celebrities and health ‘gurus,’ equally advocate this diet. First created by Stanley Burroughs, the dietician, this diet assists in healthy weight loss and eliminates congestion & toxins from the body.

Even it is rumored that the pop star Beyoncé was on lemonade diet to shed some extra pounds for one of her popular albums.

Lemonade Diet: The Most Reliable Diet

Lemonade diet also known as the ‘Master Cleanse Diet,’ the Lemonade Diet has been there for 70 years by now. All those who adopted the lemonade diet could reap too many benefits. As it has survived for 70 years, it proves its efficacy and reliability.

The Master Cleanse Diet has been tried and tested when it comes to cleansing the digestive system and eliminating the body toxins. When lack of sleep, rest, proper diet or exercise can have a negative impact on the body, leading to toxin build up, the Lemonade Diet can relax the body and the mind by flushing out toxins.

To cleanse our system, i.e. the digestive system, and kidney, the lemonade diet is recommended. The spectacular lemonade diet increases the energy level of the body, eliminates the craving for drugs, alcohols, junk food. It also helps avoid chronic diseases.

Basics Of Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet has become a very popular option for reducing weight. Its basic step involves consuming lemon water, natural maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. You need to consume it for 10 days without eating solid food. Herbal laxative tea or the salt water is is also part of lemonade diet procedure.

How Does Lemonade Cleanse Your Body?

Lemon is renowned for its cleansing properties. You get a lot of minerals and vitamins supply with the maple syrup and lemon juice. Cayenne syrup supplies Vitamin B and C. Cayenne pepper warms the body and loosens the mucous. Besides, herbal tea and salt water can help evacuate harmful debris from the colon.

Why Do You Need Lemonade Diet?

Toxic build-up in the human body is inevitable. In this world of prescription diet, fast food, fertilizers and chemicals and hormonal imbalance, hard toxic build up is pretty common. The body does not eliminate the toxins all by itself.

Side effects of toxin in body are common such as lower energy levels, illnesses, unhealthy weight gain, etc. Thousands of individuals reap the benefits of lemonade diet by resorting to it. Few of the benefits are listed below.

Weight Reduction With Detoxification

People adopt various exercise routines and diet regimes where one is effective while the other is not. The Lemonade Diet is the fabulous way to reduce the body weight that works for all.

While we see that the fad products have all come and gone, it is the lemonade diet which has stood the test of time. It brings about weight reduction while detoxifying your body.

Colon Cleanse

When you are on lemonade diet, you do not consume solid food and consume laxative at night. This process helps in eliminating all the stored solid wastes from our colon.

Improved Digestion

While on lemonade diet, you don’t consume solid foods. Thus you give a break to your digestive system from digesting foods for a while. Which helps to improve condition of your digestive system.

Doing Away With Common Body Illnesses

The Lemonade Diet was devised by Mr. Burroughs, keeping in mind that toxin accumulation can lead to all sorts of illnesses. Although the number of pounds shed by individuals varies, there will be detoxification taking place under every circumstance. The detox technique can be used by the ones suffering from chronic illnesses or common illness such as digestive problems, allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and reduce the chance of allergies. It is fast, effective and natural way to lose weight and keeping fit.

Curbs Cravings For Unwanted Junk Foods

One of the multiple benefits of lemonade diet is it curbs cravings for dangerous and toxic components for the fast foods, soft drinks and junk foods. You will not feel the need for caffeine compounds, drugs, narcotics, cigarettes.

Improves Skin Texture

It will easily improves your skin condition and reverse the aging process by alleviating the signs or symptoms of chronic illness. This will reveal glowing and enhanced complexion. Also lemonade diet provides youth and elasticity.

Cure Hypocitraturia

Some patients who have hypocitraturia, cannot tolerate first line therapy. For those patients lemonade diet therapy is quite helpful.

Improves Vigor

The lemonade diet eliminates mucus and congestion to improve focus, alertness and concentration.

Eliminates Body Irritation

If you often suffer irritation in your muscles, joints and nerves, then lemonade diet can be good for you. It can eliminate all the irritations just giving a healthy body.

Hard Wastes Between Joints

With aging, several chemical toxic substances are accumulated in the joints that get hardened and create problems in the joints. But lemonade diet can remove these hardened chemical toxins.

Improves Immunity

While you are on lemonade diet, you consume lemon juice and maple juice rich in vitamins and minerals, which improves your immune system.

You can also buy Lemonade Diet Weight Loss Pill to lose around 20 pounds just in 15 days. But, pill should be coupled with a professional meal and proper dietary program.

Tips While Taking Lemonade Diet-

Avoid Constipation By Consuming Laxative Tea

The Lemonade drink will not provide fiber to get rid of constipation. In order to facilitate colon cleansing and to restrict constipation, you need to consume senna capsules or a laxative tea. You can also drink salt water at least once daily.

Take Care Of Teeth

Lemonade drink casts an acidic effect on the teeth, and so it is important to rinse off the teeth with pure water. This will protect your teeth. When you prepare the drink, just make few servings that are sufficient for the day.

Drink More Glasses Of Lemonade

It is important to curb hunger when on a lemonade diet to enjoy its benefits. If you feel hungry, drink one or two more glasses of lemonade. Finding a partner in this diet can help a lot. The best way to beating hunger is by finding a partner who keeps you motivated. Try out Hoodia supplement if you cannot resist the temptation for food. Get rid of junk foods and bad food from your refrigerator.

Few Important Tips

  • Discuss out everything with your doctor before starting the diet.
  • Keep a track on your progress.
  • Take before and after photos frequently to keep you motivated.
  • Get back your intestinal balance by using some digestive enzymes and probiotics in the initial weeks of the Lemonade Diet.
  • Stay busy all the time to avoid food temptation.
  • Get plenty of rest when on the diet. You can reduce the amount of exercise in the later stage.
  • During the cleansing, the tongue will feel sticky. Use a proper toothbrush to clean your tongue and simply rinse with water.
  • For best results, avoid using a multivitamin.

Why And How Lemonade Diet Is Beneficial

There are different properties of lemonade diet that cleanse the entire system:

  • The presence of potassium stimulates adrenal glands, kidney and strengthens the heart.
  • Carbon and oxygen act as great stimulants.
  • Hydrogen strengthens your nervous system
  • Magnesium alkalizes blood while the sodium content encourages cell building process
  • Phosphorus heals and strengthens the bones
  • Silicon strengthens the thyroid glands
  • The overall diet plan triggers the brain to think better and makes it sharper
  • Copper, calcium, and iron trigger the elimination of waste and assists in building cells.

Why Is Lemonade Diet Cleansing At All Needed?

The human body can be compared to cars that may feel sick and polluted when there is no oil change. Even when someone eats healthy, there can be a toxic waste all throughout the body. It needs to be eliminated entirely from the body. Food and air can get bad with factory towers, spewing gases and chemicals. A toxic body which fails to eliminate properly is the root cause of different ailments. Cleansing the entire body is the way to acquire a healthy body. Stanley Burroughs’s The Lemonade Diet is like juice fasting.

Final Words

The Lemonade Diet makes use of lemon to help you shed those ugly pounds to bring about the benefits of lemonade diet. Since it is totally natural, there is no fear of ingesting harmful chemicals. The body detoxifies naturally with the use of maple syrup, lemon, and cayenne pepper. The cayenne pepper clears the bowel; maple offers Vitamin B and nutrients to the body.

Pill available for lemonade diet contains Cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemon and gives benefit at the par of liquid diet. The diet in the pill form is more convenient and easy. But then, you have to be more disciplined.

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