Lemon Juice Cleanse : A Natural Detoxification

If you are looking for a good detoxification method that actually works and also want to shed some weight from the hip then this article is probably for you. Here you can have a little insight into the best ways to detoxify your body without burning a hole in your pocket.

In this article, we are going to discuss Lemon Juice cleanse. Most of us have heard of lemon water but only a few of us know what lemon detoxification actually is. But before I tell you about this amazing juice cleanse we should first know what is the use of a detoxification process in our lives?

Well, the answer is to purify our body from the unwanted toxins that have made home in our body and are over pressurising our kidneys and livers for expelling out the waste.  The toxins these days are present almost everywhere. They are in the food that we eat the air we breathe and so on and so forth.

How Do Toxins Build Up

Stress is also a major contributing factor in the toxic build up in our bodies. Due to stress, our body secretes anti-inflammatory hormones which result in the formation of unwanted toxins. These toxins tend to accumulate in our bodies and in the long run, they start harming our body.

Thus, we have to be aware these days of what we eat and what is the toxin content in it. There are ample of signs that your body will exhibit once it has more than the required toxins stored inside. I am going to tell you the symptoms of excessive toxin build up and I am sure most of us will relate to it.

Do you feel tired, run down, unable to clear your head? While you should check with your doctor- there is probably nothing major wrong with you. You might just need to clean out your system. 

What Should You Do To Cleanse Your Body

Now, there are millions of cleansing recipes available and there are numerous companies and gyms that claim to detoxify your body. They charge a hefty sum for it but the results are not as appealing as the promises made by them in the start. Also, the internet is flooded with articles that claim to help you detoxify the body but every single one of them comes with certain strings attached.

Cleanses are proven to increase one’s energy level. They help to get rid of many of the negative feelings we’ve described, and a cleanse can even help your immune system to fight off disease. There are different kinds of cleansing programs out in the market today, but you can inexpensively do this at your home by using ingredients found in your local supermarket.

Can Lemon Juice Cleanse Come To Rescue?

The lemon juice cleanse is also called Master juice cleanse. This is the sole reason that sets it apart from rest of cleanses that are available around us. Master cleanse or lemon juice cleanse is the use of lemon juice to cleanse your body. It is best to get rid of all the unwanted toxins that slow down the metabolism of your body. Lemon cleanse is different from the lemon water detox because apart from lemon juice and pepper here you use maple syrup as well. And also this lemon juice has to be consumed 12 times a day so to enjoy the benefits of the lemon juice cleanse.

Difference Between Lemon Cleanse & Lemon Water Diet

The difference between lemon water and lemon juice cleanse is that you only drink this lemon juice for the set number of days and abstain from consuming any other food. Well, this might shock some people but this is a main and important condition in almost every detox that done.

Like any other juice cleanse, it requires you to be committed to the cause, juice cleanse is no different. You will have to set goals for yourself. Keep reminding yourself of the reason for opting for an organic juice cleanse for detoxification of your body.

You can use sticky notes for the purpose. You can mention the cause on the sticky notes and put in your room at different locations. Paste one sticky note on your fridge so the instant you open you fridge you only take out organic food to eat and are on the right path for the detoxification.

Preparation For Lemon Juice Cleanse

Like all the diet plans and juice detoxification process you will need to prepare for it before you can actually start the organic juice cleanse process. The preparation is easy but is a highly important part of the detoxification process.

This prepares your body for the coming days and also accustoms the body to the type of diet it is going to get once organic juice cleanse is in full swing.  For preparation, you will have to start abstaining from the consumption of any kind of solid food that is heavy for digestion.

Here keep in mind that do not stop at sudden as this will result in weakness in the body and you will not be able to continue with the organic juice cleanse. Start by reducing the consumption of solid food.

Lemon juice cleanse may sound easy at first but it is easier said than done. It is one thing to consume lemon juice and it is totally another level; when you have to survive just on the lemon juice alone. If you are committed to the cause and have a level of dedication in you then you have the best detoxification process with you.

Also if you do the detox process just the right amount of time you will lose a considerable amount of weight. Lemon juice cleanse is highly beneficial detoxification process and thus it is also referred to as master cleanse.

Lemon Juice Cleanse Process:

There are varying amounts of time wherein you can undergo lemon juice cleanse and it is completely dependent upon you. You can decide the timeline according to your comfort level. Another great thing about the lemon detox process is that it requires few ingredients to make a lemon juice and thus it is easy in the pocket. All key ingredients are listed below:

  • Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • Organic Maple Syrup
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Sea salt
  • Laxative tea
  • Pure Water

The lemon juice will be a replacement to the solid meals that you take and thus is one of the most difficult detoxification processes to undergo. The major incentive of undergoing a juice cleanse is that the effects of the cleanse are instantly visible.

The key point here to squeeze fresh lemon juice every time you prepare it. Preserved juice loses its essence and the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Maple Syrup

The maple syrup makes it sweet. It also helps you in removing toxins from the body. Also always remember that maple syrup will only benefit you if it is organic and natural. There are many artificial maple syrups that are available in the market.


The pepper used in the making of lemon juice is cayenne pepper. The best property of this pepper is that it helps the body to burn fat and also helps you to reduce calories. Also, the pepper handles the cleaning of intestines and colon paths. Now the main question is how much should we drink.

Limit Yourself

Since the process is completely lemon based, you should limit yourself to 2 litres in a day. You can exceed by 500ml if you are facing extreme hunger cravings. You may crave for the solid food for the first few days but you will get better at controlling the cravings at a later stage.  Once the cravings are under control then the process becomes fun and exciting. You actually start looking forward to the results as you near the end date.

Intake Of Water

You should drink water at the frequent interval because it will help your body to stay in hydrated conditions. Water will also help the body to maintain healthy oxygen levels in the brain. It helps the body to expel out the unwanted toxins and waste that has accumulated in the body over time.

Hunger and Cravings On The Onset Of Cleanse Process

The start of the process is usually difficult because you feel frequent urge to urinate. And you might find little difficulty in adjusting it to your normal routine.

This will help you to adjust throughout the lemon juice cleanse and make it enjoyable for you. The another reason is you will face intense hunger phases. You might fell that you may pass out if you do not eat but trust me and just control the urge and drink water slowly during this time. It will help you control the hunger and once you have control over hunger you can expect some life changing results after the lemon juice cleansing ends.

Duration Of The Process

The duration or the amount of time you should follow the process should be 10 days. Too much lemon is not good for the body as it may lead to acidity problems after you resume to the normal solid food diet.

You might feel light-headed and dizzy at the commencement of lemon juice cleanse. You do not have to worry as it will be only for first 2-3 days. After that, your body will accept the change that you want to undergo and will stabilise. The light headedness and dizziness are just a sign that your body is adjusting its mechanism from inside for the coming days.

Stay Energized

One thing that will be most abundant in this cleanse is energy. People following the lemon juice cleanse process reveal that they feel instant ups in the level of energy. They feel more focused towards their work.  


Though the energy levels here are high, professionals suggest that one should not do heavy exercise as it may cause the body to lose the fat that is important and this may harm your body. So you can go with the lemon juice cleanse with some light exercise like brisk walking and/or jogging and also light skipping.

All these exercises speed up the metabolism of the body and help generate sweat. This helps the body to expel out the toxins from every which way possible and reduce fat at a faster pace so that the results are amazing at the end of 10th day.

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