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An Effective Guide To Kidney Cleanse

Do you know that among all the body organs, the kidney has a crucial role to play in separating poisons and squanders from our blood?

Kidneys filter toxins and wastes from our blood and regulate blood pressure. They also adjust body’s acid/alkaline balance and regulate the fluids in the body.

Kidneys process around 200 quarts of blood every day to filter out 2 quarts of wastes and excess water. Those also work to maintain the internal balance “homoeostasis”.

These beans are responsible for maintaining the correct balance of potassium, sodium, and phosphorous in our blood, along with many other body chemicals.

Unfortunately, if your kidneys are not able to remove waste products and excess minerals from your body, then all these build up in the blood and cause damage to your body.

Other then that, kidneys also produce essential hormones, stimulate the production of red blood cells, regulate calcium metabolism and blood pressure, and produce a form of Vitamin D which increases immunity and strengthens bones.

Thousands of people are diagnosed with kidney diseases every year. Thus, we really need to know more about what is good for our kidneys and what isn’t.

Overload of Toxins in Kidneys can Result in Following Symptoms

dry skin inability to focus heart palpitations
swollen joints lethargY increased nightly urination
itching sleeping disorders metallic taste in mouth
coldness urinary incontinence drowsiness
fatigue cramps abdominal or lower back pain
thirst fluid retention weight gain
nausea stiff neck urinary tract infections
hair loss fever decreased urine flow
kidney stones fuzzy vision high blood pressure
poor appetite diabetes dark color urine
skin rashes anaemia burning or painful urination

Wonders Of The Two Beans (Kidneys) In Our Body

kidney cleanse factsHow to cleanse your kidneys?

A kidney cleanse is aimed at healing kidneys and dissolving kidney stones.

The cleanse can also be used to improve kidney health by flushing out toxins accumulated inside the kidney tissues.

To cleanse the kidneys, you’ve to include certain foods in your diet. Therefore…

Eat Foods that Cleanse the Kidneys

  • Cranberry juice
  • Grape juice
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice and grapefruit juice
  • A Lemon or Lime wedge squeeze in a glass of purified water
  • Watermelon
  • Blueberries and Cranberries
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Cooking with Ginger and Turmeric
  • Garnish salads and meals with Parsley
  • Kale
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Algae products such as spirulina, chlorella, and blue green algae
  • Banana
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Legumes and seeds
  • Papaya
  • Potatoes
  • Pumpkin
  • Sprouts

Here are Some Supplements to Support Liver and Kidney Cleanse

Nutrient Dosage Benefits
B-complex (must contain Vitamin B12 and folic acid) 50 mg, thrice a day Helps to metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
Silymarin (milk thistle extract) 500 mg, daily Relieves congestion of the spleen, liver, and kidneys.
Alpha-lipoic acid 300 mg, thrice daily Attacks free radicals and relieves stress on the liver.
Vitamin C 1,000 mg, thrice a day Helps in metabolizing fats. If you’ve kidney problem, then check with a health care practitioner before taking any vitamin C supplements.
Coenzyme Q10 100 mg, three times a day Neutralizes free radicals and helps in reducing cholesterol
Burdock Tea 2 cups (500 mL) daily Removes accumulated waste products via skin, kidneys, and mucous membranes.
Curcumin 500 mg, thrice a day Stimulates the production of bile and facilitates in the emptying of gallbladder.
Bchisandra Tea  2 cups (500 mL) daily Protects the liver and relieves the symptoms of hepatitis .
L-taurine 500 mg, thrice daily Prevents or breaks down gallstones.
Dandelion tea 2 cups (500 mL) daily Increases the bile flow

Kidney Cleanse Recipes to Help in Detoxification

Watery Watermelons

Fruit like watermelon, contains 92% amount of water which helps kidney to flush out all excess water waste from your body. If the subject is suffering from kidney stone problem, then this fruit is best to consume.

Moreover, it is also one of the best constituents of potassium and mineral salt and thus helps to dissolve kidney stones.

During summers, take at least to cup of watermelon with one peeled lime and prepare a mixture using grinder. Enjoy this healthy and tasty diet during summers.

Combination of Carrot and Cucumber

Combination of carrot and cucumber helps to provide support to your kidney. It flushes out excess uric acid which is the common cause of kidney stone.

Kidney helps in the process of filtration of blood. If the goal is not fully achieved by kidney; its side effects can be seen in the form of various skin issues like acne or eczema.

It is always recommended to drink the combination of various veggies to improve the cleansing effect of kidney and thus results in beautiful and glowing skin complexion.

Take two carrots and one large sized cucumber, wash it properly and prepare a mixture using juicer mixer.

Radish and Purple Cabbage for Kidney

Radishes are the great detoxifiers for our liver and gall bladder. Thus, it helps our kidney to drain out excess toxins. It also plays a vital role in protecting our body against infections as they are anti-fungal substances.

Moreover, if you are suffering from kidney stone, then drink radish juice on a regular basis to dissolve stone, so that you can pass it quickly and easily.

Prepare a mixture using grinder of 1 cup of radish and 1 cup of purple cabbage.

Consumption of Citrus Fruits

Consuming directly or drinking juices made of citrus fruits will help to keep your kidney healthy and will stop the creation of small kidney stones.

The citric acid found in the fruits which are rich with citrus such as, grapes, lemon, oranges, lime that help to break down small stones present in kidney and thus prevent kidney stones.

How Water Can Keep Your Kidney Healthy?

To keep your kidney healthy, one of the most important beverages is perhaps water. This is not only a primary way to reduce the chances of generation of kidney stone but also helps in keeping it healthy.

Generally, drinking 8 ounces of glass of water is recommended to everybody each day as it will produce at least 2 liters of urine. Urination at regular interval provides your body to get rid of excess water waste.

Thus, the metabolism of body works in a better way. It is advisable to consume water in small quantities rather than consuming it all in a go. There might be a possibility that your urine color might change from yellowish to colorless.

Is Eating Healthy Veggies Enough For Kidney To Work Properly?

Living in the 21st century, it is virtually impossible to get rid of the chemicals and toxins that are freely present in any food item you eat.

If you are living in a separate environment and grows your veggies all by yourself then it is totally a different scenario.

Thus, this perfect healthy environment will definitely help you to live in toxin free environment and provide support to your kidney. In this modern world, it is difficult to maintain a healthy kidney.

Here are Two Kidney Cleanse Techniques

Herbs And Tea

The kidney cleanse Duo is among a gentle clean and this program lasts for almost 7 days. The herbs and tea are formulated to remove unnecessary parts and clean the kidney, urinary tract and bladder.

It thereby creates healthy urine and helps to dissolve kidney stones to clear any kind of further infection.

This program will increase energy, improve the control over bladder, correct problems related to prostate, promote weight loss and increase in various other side benefits.

Kidney And Intestinal Cleanse

Another program is kidney plus intestinal cleanse which is the complete package. This program can be completed in 10 days. If the waste stays for a long time in our intestine and added toxins flush away to the kidney, intestine can be cleaned well.

In the first week, the primary focus is on the cleaning of intestine, especially first 5 days. Thus, it prepares our body completely to flush away the waste from the kidney during the first week of program.

Further, next five days are concentrated on the kidney flush, Kidney Cleanse tea and tonic which gradually stimulate your bladder in order to release toxins and waste from kidney. Also if a stone is present, it also flushes out through the medium of urine. This program will show outstanding results if the program is followed step by step.

This program has complete information of products used, instructions related to pre-cleanse, proper checklist for both weeks, thus providing you the complete schedule and demonstration of each product and how the program is taken.

Thus, while going for any program make sure that you are completely sure enough to follow this.


In our body, kidney acts as cleaner which cleanse away unnecessary waste and toxins and thus keeps our body healthy and reduce weight.

By following some simple home remedies, you can flush out chemicals and toxins from the body. This will not only keep your skin healthy but also boost metabolism.

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