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How To Practice No Sugar Diet Successfully

One of the many things that are making humans around the world unhappy is their own appearance. More and more people are working towards sculpting their appearance as per their preference.

This leads them to follow a number of exercise routines and diet plans. The question here is which diet plan should you be following? Which will produce the best results for you? Which will provide you with your desired appearance without any kind of side effects? Is it a no sugar diet plan? With new diets entering the dietary scene every now and then, the challenge is to choose one that suits you and your body type best.

no sugar diet planThe “no sugar diet” is one of the new diets on the block and has immediately been spooned up by some of the most health-conscious people in the society. The question here is, is it the diet for you?

What is the no sugar or sugarless diet?

Before we go onto learning how you can make this diet a part of your daily life, it is important that you comprehend the important aspects of the diet. The sugar free diet does not only imply to cutting off sweets from your life. It also means that you have to say no to anything and everything that might charge up your blood sugar levels. This means not only desserts but also all kind of packaged and processed food, made available to the masses in the supermarkets.

Diseases caused due to over consumption of sugar:

Cutting out on cakes and doughnuts is not the ultimate solution. The sugar free diet plan makes it a point that you say no to every edible product that contains sugar. According to research on an average, a person consumes almost 44 tsp of sugar in a day. The aim of the diet is to eradicate this high consumption of sugar that people are unaware of.

Some of the food products that you do not realize contain sugar, but do, include potato chips, barbeque sauce, yogurt, fat-free mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, and a number of other things. The fact that these products contain an uncontrolled amount of fructose which makes them even more addictive for the consumers.

This leads to welcoming a number of unwanted diseases, which include-

  • Type 2 diabetes,
  • Non-alcoholic liver disease, and most importantly
  • Obesity.

The no sugar diet mainly targets to extinguish the intake of any kind of sugar into the body and in this way from giving into any of the diseases mentioned above.

How to remove sugar from your diet?

You might have stopped adding sugar to your coffee first thing in the morning, or downing those coke cans at work. You might have also resorted to sugar-free sweets. Yet, there are is a good enough chance that you are consuming a lot more sugar than you should on a daily basis. Some of the main sources of this unrecognized sugar are mentioned above. The challenge here is to not only cut back but completely eradicate the presence of sugar from your diet. This can be achieved by opting for the sugar-free diets. Some of the tips you can follow to achieve this goal include-

Read the Labels on Foods before making a purchase

We often tend to pick and drop anything and everything into our shopping carts, when in the supermarket. We don’t even look at the labels for ingredients, to configure the amount of nutrient or sugar content in the product. This, right there has what has doomed our health. Make it a practice to read the label. This will stop you from mindlessly picking things that you think are not sweet, but contain a harmful level of sugar.

Buy products that have no added sugar

Most often, products that do not contain sugar in them will come with a tag, like “Unsweetened”, “foods with no sugar” or “No added sugar”. Try and pick more of these in comparison to the old products you used to settle for. When you make a knowledgeable change in your choice of product, you will soon start to notice the desired change in your health.

Learn the synonyms for the word Sugar

If you think you are smart, trust me, the companies selling the food products are smarter. Many times they hide the simple word Sugar, with something that may sound fancy to a layman. When reading a label, you should be looking for words such as fructose, sucrose, honey, dry cane sugar, maple syrup, invert sugar, or for that matter any other word ending in ‘ose.’ All these terms signify the same thing- SUGAR.

Say bye to carbs

Foods rich in carbohydrate will eventually breakdown to create more sugar in the body. Hence, it becomes important that you concentrate more on protein and fat when starting off with the no sugar diet.

Don’t Cut back all the sugar at once

One of the biggest mistakes one does is by cutting back on sugar completely at once. This is not the way to get about the no sugar diet. This can lead to two major situations. Your body will wither not support the decision, which can result in a serious sugar deficit or you can start craving sugar pretty soon and ultimately give in to your sweet desires.

Hence, it is advised that you cut back slowly by starting with low sugar foods or foods with natural sugar in them, such as fruits. There are a whole bunch of other techniques you can use, such as- making sugar free foods a part of your daily diet, not using artificial sweeteners, increasing the flavour of your food to overpower the lack of sugar, avoiding sodas and other aerated drinks altogether, indulge in occasional desserts without feeling guilty about it, and finally stay diligent and focused.

Following given techniques and tips will help you stick to the new no sugar diet plan and make it a big success.

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  1. Iv heard that every cell in our bodies runs on SUGAR! if this is true, how will we gain long lasting energy. That’s why I was on a high fruit carb diet in the first place, because I needed energy in my cleaning business. It worked but because I have diabetes type 2- i’m just urinating all day on this diet. I want to slow the sugar down not necessarily stop all of it. Could this book help me

    1. Hi Lynda,

      Happy to hear from you, I would love to help you because we write articles to help you out and people like you makes us more passionate, we write more on new issues. Anyhow

      Let’s get down to business.

      Yes, you are right that body runs on calories, we get energy from calories. Right I agree with you.

      As you told that you have Type 2 diabetes, You cannot stop all of it suddenly.
      Wait my dear! we have many options with us, if you are looking for energy you can have natural energy boosters like:

      – You have coconut water 250 ml in the morning; this gonna help you fight against your So called Diabetes, plus it provides Energy.

      – You can have natural sugar Like Jaggery or brown sugar

      Let me tell you the recipe; take 2 spoons of brown sugar with low fat curd in the morning.

      This gonna boost you for the whole day.

      No fatigue and sugar levels will be ok.

      So go for food made with natural sugars. It will provide you energy and will normalize your sugar level as well.

      That’s all.

      Tell me if you still have some hurdle.

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