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11 Tell-Tale Signs To Know If A Guy Likes You

Having a crush on a handsome guy is easy, but to know if a guy likes you or not is quite a task. Because you’re curious to know whether that guy looking at you is interested in you or he’s just admiring your dress (because he liked it and wants one for his girlfriend.)

Whatever may be the reason, but now you want to know the best, biggest and most clear signs that a guy likes you before getting too excited.

Know If A Guy Likes You
Know If A Guy Likes You From His Eyes.

Here Are 11 Tell-Tale Signs To Know If A Guy Likes You

1. He Stares (Not Ogles) At You

Staring at someone is a bit creepy, but sometimes it’s a sign that the person likes you. A guy who is very much interested in you will look at you more often than other people. So, don’t be surprised if you see him stealing glances at you when there are other beautiful girls around.

He might look at your eyes, lips or hair and will linger on your face a bit longer than necessary. Why? Because you are a smoldering beauty and he is not able to take his eyes off you. NO- It’s because he is racing his mind to find ways to talk to you. Even while talking to you, he’ll keep on looking at your eyes.

The other surefire sign that he likes you is his pupils will dilate slightly, but this is quite difficult to pick up. He might think that you are acting weird by looking that closely into his eyes. But this pupillary response can answer your question: Does he like you or not?

I hope you know the difference between an admirer and a lecher and how to handle the latter.

2. Does He Fall Under The Category: Finding Excuses To Touch You?

Pay attention if he has a nickname for you like “Miss Loquacious” because you talk a lot or tease you by calling you a stick because you look like one. All this may mean that he likes you.

Finding Excuses To Touch You

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A guy may gently punch or hit you on the arm or leg as a “manly” way of touching you without revealing his intentions. If he actually hurts you (moron) tell him that it hurts or just dish out a good knock on his nose with that evil grin.

If he notices that you don’t pull away or flinch when he does it, he’s going to start finding gentler ways to touch you.

3. He Pays Attention To Details.

It’s super cute when someone remembers all the details, not because you told them, but they paid attention.
If a guy is interested in you, he’ll definitely pay close attention to your appearance and won’t shy away from letting you know it. Because compliments are his way of telling that you are special for him as no guy will compliment a girl he’s not interested in.

For instance, you changed the way you do your hair or changed the color of your hair and he noticed it. Congratulations, he is interested in you.

Know a Guy likes you with some obvious signs
Did you get a new haircut? Noo…

Not all the compliments are good. You might have heard about backhanded compliments (I call them “sugar-coated insults,”) like this one:

What he says: “You have a photogenic face.”

What he actually means: “You look better in pictures than in person.”

If you like them then it’s great, if not then punch him on the nose (I did this once.)

NOTE: Some guys are not “King of Words” therefore; they are not able to express themselves properly. This doesn’t mean that he is not into you. Just pay attention to other subtle signs.

4. Is He Biting His Nails Around You? If Yes, He Is Nervous Just Like You

You went to meet this guy while shaking hands, you noticed that he had sweaty palms and kept on fidgeting throughout the date. He looked away quickly when you noticed that he was watching you and you’re wondering what the hell is going on.

Nervous while shaking hands

This is because he is interested in you and a bit nervous before starting the conversation.

You also fidget or get nervous, when you are around the man you like. Right? So don’t worry because this is actually a good nervous.

5. Your Conversation Has A Lot Of “Me Too’s.”

Questions, questions and more questions. Don’t get irritated and answer all the questions as calmly as you can. After all, he may be your knight in shining armor. The reason he’s asking questions is to get you know inside out, so just feed his curiosity.

If you say you like a band, book or movie and he says he likes the same – he’s trying to see if the two of you are compatible and have common interests.

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Keep an eye out if something you have brought to his attention has become his favorite. It can be anything, a reality shows that you love or a romantic novel you recommended him like – A Walk To Remember. If it is so then your dilemma “I think he likes me,” will come to an end.

6. He Doesn’t Look At Mobile Every Now And Then

That’s another good sign of interest. He’ll do this out of respect and also he cherishes every moment he spends with you. This can be anything like not answering his bestie’s call or anything that might embarrass him.

If he doesn’t really care about you, he’ll probably keep on checking his phone, but if he likes you, he’ll be more attentive to you. He would not like to lose an opportunity to crack a joke to impress you. After all, a good and witty sense of humor is a sign of an intelligent man.

7. Something Is Burning Probably His Heart

Look at him when you talk to other guys and see his reaction. He might sigh or make a puppy face. He’ll try to act cool but inside he is burning that some other guy (jerk!) is showing interest in you.

Jealousy is a clear sign that he likes you and doesn’t want to lose you to some other guy. Pick up on these little clues and you’ll definitely figure it out if he has feelings for you or not.

8. He Asks For Your Number = He Likes You

You might be thinking that it’s an obvious sign that he likes you, but you’re wrong. He might want to get in touch with some other important person (you know what I mean.) So use your brains and go with your guts.

He Asks For Your Number

If he comes up with a really dumb reason to ask for your number, you’ll instantly get to know that he just wants to have a way to be in touch with you. Also, have a quick glance at his face while you’re giving your number to him, otherwise you’ll miss his ear to ear smile.

If the guy is shy then you have to come up with some good excuse yourself to find out if he likes you or not. Just throw a bait and see if he bites.

9. Are You In A Relationship?

This question itself implies desire. If a guy doesn’t like you, he’ll not give a damn whether you’re single (ready to mingle) or not because no guy would like to hit on someone else’s girlfriend.

He might hint the question indirectly like: “Do you live alone or with a roommate?” or some other question so that you mention something about your relationship status.

This is another clear sign that he likes you and considering a serious relationship with you

10. He Asks You About Your Family

This is a very good indicator because when a guy asks about your family, it means he’s curious about you and is seriously thinking of a relationship with you. He might be wondering about what your mom is like, to get an idea of what you’ll be like when you’re older.

It simply means he not only wants a relationship with you but is also thinking about what it would be like to spend his life with you. If he asks you these kinds of questions then, I must say you’re lucky (touch all the wood.)
Another sign that he is for you and wants to go further is when he opens up to you about his family. In this way, he is exposing himself to you, inviting you to his personal territory (brownie points for that.)

11. Has He Developed Interest In Your Interests?

You’re a book-addict and he’s miles away from poetry and novels. Still, he started reading A Walk To Remember because it’s your favorite.

It’s bang on a sign that he likes you and wants to impress you. Also, he’ll get a new topic to chat with you for your next meeting.

He is interested in you.
He is interested in you.

Just keep the doors of your mind open and notice if something you brought to his attention becomes his recent favorite.

If this happens, then gear yourself for a relationship with this guy.

Summing Up

You need not waste your time on those boring and not so correct “Does he like you” quiz, just keep your eyes and ears open to know that.

Also, just one sign is not enough, pay attention to other small signals to be more certain about his feelings for you and make him yours.

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