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How To Hide A Hickey Using These 3 Self-Tested Ways?

Your partner might not have asked you before giving you a hickey or you may have given him/her consent. But, once you’ve it, where it’s visible, dealing with it can be really tough – Particularly, if you’ve to go out with your parents or have a meeting with your boss. In this situation, you’ll typically do a Google query like – How to hide a hickey?

how to hide a hickey
3 self-tested ways to hide a hickey

Don’t panic because I’m here to help you out. I have undergone many situations like this when I was a teenager. I was even caught by my parents, but I made a solid excuse and they believed me. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some tips which worked for me.

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1. How to hide a hickey by wearing the right shirt or sweater?

How to hide a hickey by wearing the right shirt or sweater
Wear a turtleneck sweater to hide your love mark

The easiest way to cover up a hickey from your parents is by wearing the right choice of shirt or sweater. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a female or male, you can try out the following choices:

  • Turtleneck long-sleeved shirt
  • Turtleneck sweater
  • Any sweater or jacket with a collar covering your neck
  • Tank tops with a high collar (for girls only)

While making your choice, make sure it suits your style, or your friends will notice it. Also, don’t wear a turtleneck in the middle of the summer. It’ll only draw more attention towards your neck area.

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2. How to hide hickeys with the right accessory?

Wear a scarf to hide a hickey without makeup
A young lady wearing a scarf to conceal the love bite

If you got your love bite at a place where it isn’t concealed by your shirt or sweater, you can try wearing the right accessory. Here are some accessories to try:

  • Wear a scarf if you normally do so
  • Drape a sweater across your shoulders
  • Stick a bandage over the love bite and makeup a story
  • Hide the hickey using your long hair

While picking your choice to conceal a hickey, make sure you’ve tried them before. If you haven’t worn a scarf before, your friends and family are more likely to observe it. Don’t drape a sweater across your shoulder, if you normally don’t do so.

If you’re sticking a bandage over the love bite, your story should seem to be genuine. Girls can say that they burnt their skin while straightening or curling their hair using a hair-styler. Boys can say that they got a bug bite.

If you’re using your long hair to cover your hickey, make sure that your hair is at the right place.

3. How To Hide Hickeys Fast Using Makeup?

how to cover up a hickey using makeup
A young lady using makeup to cover up a hickey

If nothing is working out for you, then hiding a hickey is the best option for you.

Steps to hide the love mark using makeup

  • Take a makeup brush and apply a yellow corrector to the hickey.
  • Wait for a while and then gently apply a green corrector to the love bite.
  • Then find a concealer matching your skin and apply it over the hickey using your makeup brush.
  • The final step includes the application of foundation over the hickey.


We’ve told you three solid ways on how to hide a hickey wearing the right shirt or sweater, using right accessories and using the makeup. In the meanwhile, you might want to know the home remedies to get rid of a hickey. Isn’t It? You can read our previous post related to it.

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