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5 Easy Steps On How To Grow A Goatee Quickly

Are you bored of your clean shaven look?

Do people comment on your baby face?

Are you looking forward to wear a bearded look?

Do you want to learn – How to grow a goatee?

Beards are in trend these days. Goatee facial hair is one of the trendiest beards today. If you’re looking a change from the clean shaved look and are not interested in growing a fuller beard – Goatee is perfect for you.

growing a beard because of baby face
Grow a goatee if you’ve a baby face

Some of you may like to sport the bearded look because of your baby face. Isn’t It? Even I keep beard just because of my baby face. Also, it separates you from the rest of the men who are clean shaved. You’ll have your own personality if it suits you.

What is a goatee?

what is a goatee
A man having a goatee beard

This is a style of facial hair that incorporates hair on a man’s chin. The exact nature of this facial hairstyle has varied according to time and culture. Some people like to keep the moustache with it and some don’t.

There are a number of variations of this beard style. You can choose the one that suits your face structure.

5 Steps On How To Grow A Goatee In Style

Just like you’ve to work for your hairstyle, you need to put some efforts to grow a goatee. I’ll recommend you using a god quality trimmer, shaver and razor for it. Short hairstyles will compliment your goatee. You’ll get a look full of masculinity and confidence.

Step 1 – Give Rest To Your Razor For A Week

how to trim goatee
Grow your beard for a week and then start trimming your beard

If you’re in full mood to grow a goatee beard, then just stop shaving for a week. Let your stubble grow out for a week so that you can easily shape a goatee out of it. If you’ll have shorter beard, it’ll be difficult for you to shape your goatee.

If you get razor bumps, you can read our previous article to get rid of them.

Step 2 – Pick Your Choice From A Number Of Goatee Styles

Trendy goatee styles beard
Different styles of Goatee beard

Like any hairstyle, the goatee also has different styles. You can keep mustache and goatee, goatee without a mustache, goatee separated from moustache and many other variations. If you’re confused to pick a style for you, you can first choose to keep the moustache.

Afterwards, you can shave your moustache to see if only goatee facial hair looks good on you or not. After experimenting with your looks, you can choose the one, which you would like to keep for a while.

You can also check out the latest goatee styles of your favorite celebs in various magazines. After finalizing your goatee style, follow the steps given below.

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Step 3 – Shape Your Goatee Like A Pro


I hope by now you must have selected your style. Now, you’ll be learning – How to shape a goatee like a pro?

Tools you need for shaping a goatee – Regular Trimmer, Electric Shaver or Normal Razor.

After growing your beard for a week, now it’s time to keep a goatee.

  • Firstly, trim your beard to give an even cut using the comb of your desired length. Don’t choose a shorter length.
  • Now, you need to trim your beard using the lowest setting leaving the goatee area.
  • After trimming your beard, it’s time to give sharp edges to your goatee beard. Make sure you approach edges very carefully and they shouldn’t extend past the smile lines of your face.
  • Both sides of your beard should match symmetrically. If they aren’t, try to make them symmetrical to have a good impact.

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If you want to define your goatee even more, you need to learn – How to shave a goatee?

  • First of all, you need to wash your face with warm water so that hair follicles become soft.
  • Apply shaving gel or cream on your face, leaving the area around your goatee and moustache.
  • Now start shaving your beard using an electric shaver or a manual razor. Make sure you don’t mess up around your chin area.
  • I have observed that shaping a goatee is much easier using a new manual razor. It’s not that electric razors don’t perform well, using a manual razor is my personal choice. You can use both.

Step 4 – Regularly Maintain Your Goatee

how to shape a goatee using a trimmer
Regularly maintain your goatee using a quality trimmer

If you’re wearing a goatee look, then must maintain it. You need to shave your beard regularly leaving the goatee area to keep it clean and defined. If you’ll not maintain it every 2-3 days, it’ll not look good.

Unless you’re growing a goatee on purpose, you can trim it yourself using a specific comb length of your trimmer. If you aren’t comfortable trimming your goatee, get it done by your barber.

Step 5 – Keep Your Goatee Clean

how to grow a goatee fast by washing it regularly
Wash your goatee beard regularly

If you’re growing a long goatee, you need to wash it regularly with shampoo and conditioner. Don’t forget to clean it on a regular basis, even if it’s short.

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Concluding Words

Make sure you carefully follow the steps on how to grow a goatee. We hope you look great in your new avatar. Share your personal experience after keeping goatee in the comments. If you like our article, then don’t forget to share it with your buddies.

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