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How To Give A Hickey To Your Partner In A Perfect Way?

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How to give a hickey to your partner? Are you sure you want to learn it?

Well, I wasn’t interested in telling you the art of giving a hickey at the first place. Do you want to know why?

I’ve faced many embarrassing situations in front of my family, friends and colleagues due to the love bites.

My ex-girlfriend was really a wild cat and just loved leaving her mark on my neck. Every time we make-out, I was left with a hickey.

how do you give someone a hickey
My ex-girlfriend was like a blood sucking vampire

The most embarrassing situation was when my Dad noticed it on my neck while we were having breakfast.

I’ve had many such embarrassing moments for around 6 months due to my ex. Thank God that blood sucking vampire isn’t in my life anymore.

Well, you may have a different view of having a hickey. But, I don’t like them at all because they’re viewed as a sexual thing. Also, I’m not interested in advertising my personal life to the world.

However, if you and your partner are both fine with it, try giving a one to him/her. I’ll be discussing all the steps on how to give someone a hickey in detail.

Firstly, Let’s Understand – What Is A Hickey?

A hickey is a bruise that is caused by aggressive kissing or sucking another person’s skin. Initially, it will be red in color, due to broken blood vessels beneath the skin. Later, it’ll turn dark brown as it heals. A hickey is also known as a “kiss mark” or “love bite.”

Do you want to know – How long do Hickies last?

Why Do Lovebirds Give Hickey?

Hickey is a sign of passion. Some people give hickies to their partner to mark their territory and show the world that this person belongs to him/her. “It may simply be a passionate reminder of one’s love for another.”

The Ultimate Guide On How To Give A Hickey To Your Partner

Make The Mood

how to leave a hickey
Don’t just dive onto your partner’s neck to give a hickey

Firstly, you should make the mood light and spend some time smooching with your partner. Don’t just dive onto your partner’s neck to give a hickey. Always ask your partner before giving a hickey.

Choose A Soft Spot Where You Would Love To Give A Love Bite

Love bites are visible on thin, delicate skin and can normally be found on the neck. If your partner wants to have a hickey, but he/she doesn’t like it to visible, then pick your spot carefully.

Don’t just leave a mark on your partner in the middle of the throat where everyone can see it. You can choose back or side of your partner’s neck, the skin near collarbones or shoulder as it can be covered easily.

Slightly Part Your Lips And Place Them Onto The Chosen Spot

In order to give a hickey to your partner, try making the letter “O” with your lips. After that, place them firmly onto your lover’s skin. Make sure that you keep your mouth soft and inviting instead of going into a hard pucker.

Suck The Skin Like A Vampire

how to give hickeys
Gently suck your partner’s neck

I’m just kidding, don’t be a blood sucking vampire like my ex. You simply have to suck hard enough to break the capillaries just beneath the skin. While sucking your partner’s neck make sure that you don’t cause too much pain.

You’ll have to suck for around 20-30 seconds in order to leave a hickey. Make sure that you keep your teeth out of the way while giving a love bite. Also, control the amount of saliva in your mouth because too much of it will spoil the moment.

Ending Should Be Perfect With a Few Gentle Kisses

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After giving your partner a slight pain while sucking, give a few gentle kisses around that area. It will probably feel more sensitive now.

Wait For A While To See The Hickey

When you get hurt, bruise shows up after a few minutes. In the same way, hickey will be visible after a few minutes and initially it’ll be light pink.

Do You Want To Make The Hickey Darker?

To give a darker hickey, return to the same spot and repeat the steps mentioned above.

Point To Remember

Your partner may have asked you to give a hickey, but he/she might not like the way it feels while you’re doing it. If your partner asks you to stop giving a hickey in between, then always respect his/her decision. Don’t continue giving a love mark on him/her.

Concluding Words

Now that you’ve learned about how to give a hickey, you may look out for ways to hide it. In the heat of the moment, you may have given your partner a hickey that is quite visible. But don’t worry, I’ve written posts regarding the ways to get rid of a hickey and how to hide a hickey.

If you want your girlfriend to read this article then just share it with her. You can also share it with your friends who are naughty like you.

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