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Why Herbal Detox is the Best Natural Way To Clean Your Body

Amidst the fast-paced life, do you think you are following the healthy lifestyle? Do you get enough time to follow a planned and healthy diet schedule, follow your exercise regime and stay fit and away from unwanted diseases? Most of us will have an answer to these questions as NO.

In our body, there is a number of chemicals present, some of which are produced by the body to serve different purposes whereas some are generated as a by-product of the food that we eat.

Natural Herbs DetoxOur body also produces some of the toxic substances that are usually filtered by our liver. But owing to the unplanned and hectic lifestyle and the type of food that we consume; the rate of production of toxic substances have increased in our body.  

Our liver cannot filter these substances as quickly as they are generated. These toxic substances are thus left behind in our body for a long time and can cause certain problems like fatigue, digestion problems etc. So, to balance out the toxic substances in our body we need to detoxify and cleanse our body at regular intervals.

One of the best and natural ways to do so is by consuming certain herbs that will help us in detoxification.

How To Figure Out Toxicity In Our Body?

There are high chances that your body has high levels of toxins, in case you feel stressed and high levels of anxiety. Look for following signs and symptoms within yourself to check for toxicity:

Detox our BodyWhy Is Detoxification Necessary?

For a healthy lifestyle in today’s world, detoxification has become a necessity. Detoxification helps liver and kidney to work more efficiently and help them to remain healthy. Detoxification is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy, it not only helps you clean the body from inside but also it makes you feel good and help you enjoy the life to the fullest.

Best Way To Detox- A Healthy Lifestyle

A change in the lifestyle of the people will change your body as well. It is the wonder of the nature that gave us a gift in the form of human life gives and it is the nature that provides us natural components to have a healthy lifestyle. There are a number of herbs that helps in detoxification of our body and give a chance to us to live a healthy life in a toxic free environment.

how to detoxNatural Herbs- How Can They Work As Body Detox?

Natural herbs have been a part of therapy for hundreds of years and are well famous across borders and cultures. These herbs have been a part of various ailments and health ointments. Their effectiveness and popularity make them best products for detoxification and cleansing of the body. There are a number of herbs that perform the function of body cleanses:

Detox your bodyRed Clover

Rich in calcium, minerals, iron and nitrogen, Red clover has a number of benefits to offer. From combating painful menstrual cycles to curing acnes, normalizing low energy levels to reduction and removal of cellulitis; red clover is a cure for all kinds of diseases.

Red clover has isoflavones which work as estrogens and help in cleaning the blood stream. It also helps in case of hot flushes. It is also used to lower down the cholesterol level in the body and also it helps in better urine production.

Are you curious to know about its uses and wonders? Here is a list to what red clover has come to rescue over years:

  •    Cure for cancer
  •    Blood purifier
  •    Diuretic
  •    Jaundice
  •    Hormone balancing
  •    Tumours
  •    Detoxifiers
  •    Rheumatism
  •    Antispasmodic
  •    Skin inflammation
  •    Production of urine and mucus
  •    Promotes menstrual flow

Stinging Nettle

You are well aware of the fact that kidney and liver are the vital organs that help in detoxification of your body from toxins and waste. Nettle is among the best herbs which not only support kidney to eliminate waste but also support liver at the same time.

You can enjoy with the leaves of stinging nettle, just by steaming them up in boiling water and add to the plate of your salad.

  • It also acts as an antioxidant and helps the blood to carry a healthy amount of oxygen throughout the body.
  • As a diuretic substance, stinging nettle can guarantee that the poisons being killed in the body are dispensed rapidly.
  • Stinging bramble is otherwise called an alternative, implying that it can enhance the supplement intake efficiency of the gut and guarantee that the digestive procedures run easily.
  • It likewise invigorates the lymphatic framework, freeing the assortment of overabundance poisons in the kidneys also.

Burdock Root

It is among those nutrients which you might not want to consume because of not so good taste. But it is incredibly great for the cleansing of your blood and has various nutrients like folic acid, magnesium, Vitamin C and vitamin E.

It works as an excellent cure for cold, stomach ailments, cancers etc. It has a strong hold on the functioning of the liver and removes all toxins as much as it can from the body.

Apart from this, it has a property to support adrenalin so as to balance the sugar level in your body.

Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy is a natural herb which acts best as a metal detox. It removes lead metal from the body along with other heavy metals that might prove to be dangerous for your health. It also flushes out excessive waste and toxins from our kidney. It also aids inflation of mucous membranes thus helping in the prevention of cold.

Milk Thistle

This herb is widely used as a great element to detoxify your liver. It is the herb which is readily available in the market. It helps to regenerate cells of the liver and provide important nutrients to our body which help to eliminate waste and toxins.

It also acts as an antioxidant and as well as anti-inflammatory herb. It helps to protect the liver from certain dangerous drugs like acetaminophen which can damage the liver if taken in large amounts.


This is one of the inexpensive herbs which is easily available everywhere. It is commonly found near to any dental house. Neem is believed to be used by people due to its various vital properties, like antifungal, antiseptic, and antiviral and make the great addition to the list of herbal plants that detox your body.

Not only that, it also purifies your blood and help your body to eliminate an excessive amount of metabolic waste present in our body.

Dandelion Tea

This is the best herb among all. You can cleanse your body by just having a cup of dandelion tea every day. Not only the leaves, but entire plant can be used as herbal medicine which helps our body in numerous ways. This plant has been used by people from centuries.

  •    This help to maintain hydration level in our body and filled with various nutrients.
  •    This herb can also be eaten directly in the form of salad.
  •    It helps your bone and makes it strong.
  •    It also provides support to the liver to cleanse away various toxins and waste from our body.
  •    Also, it supports the liver in bile production and bile act as a medium to drop various toxins out from our body.
  •    Apart from this, due to rich in various nutrients like calcium, vitamin K, etc. it enhances the immune system of our body.

Black Walnut

This herb was introduced in 1600’s and Europeans were the first to introduce this herb. Three major active agents present in black walnut are- Juglone, tannis and iodine which are a great addition to your body to keep it healthy.

  • Juglone acts as a defence mechanism which fights against various harmful substance present in our body like bacteria, fungus, etc. whereas tannins help to deter harmful substance in our body.
  • Undoubtedly, iodine is the main component to be consumed by every life form.
  • Thus, iodine reduces the lifespan of various harmful organisms present in our body.


Despite the fact that consumption of wormwood is banned in the United States since many years, it is being consumed by various Egyptians. They consume it to fight against harmful substances and used a powerful tool in digestion and thus help to get rid of various wastes from our body.


It is among the vital herbs present in the world to get rid of various harmful toxic metals from our body which not only harms the functioning of a particular organ but also harms the tissues of the organ, thus makes it internally weak. It is a well-known herb which is consumed in almost every meal. It possesses natural cleansing elements and its unique property help to pull harmful toxins from our tissues.

Cilantro best herbs to detox.
Cilantro best herbs to detox


Peppermint herb is generally used at the time of a cough and flu. It helps our body to get relief at the time of a sore throat or any kind of irritation in the nose due to a sinus problem. It also acts as a helpful aid to fight against harmful organisms and acts as a great agent for the liver to cleanse away harmful toxins from our body.


This herb is used as a lung cleanse. It helps to improve the functioning of lung and remove all toxins present in the body. It also helps to fight against bacteria and viruses. It is also used as the ointment for chest congestion. It is regarded for its soothing and calming properties.  

Herbal Detox- A Regular Need Of A Healthy Body

Detoxification process should be carried out in a planned manner by following a strict routine. In initial stages, the quantity of herbs consumed should be kept low as the body requires some time to get used to the herbs.

It is usually advisable that before starting a detoxification process one should always prepare the body for the same by reducing the intake of toxic substances. This will help the body to be ready for detoxification and also help you get better results.

best detox foods
Detox Foods


Good health is ultimately our goal. The first step towards it is to follow a diet which is rich in nutrients and various other minerals and fibers. Natural herbs help to stimulate lungs and kidney. But make sure that you do not over consume any herb without the consultation of a physician. Consume herbs in a proper manner and at regular intervals.

Detoxification should always be carried out with proper advice and should be done on a regular basis. Also, detoxification alone is not enough for maintaining health of the body, it should be accompanied by some form of exercise. Many physicians suggest to do light running and/or jumping rope on a regular basis can help you lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Since herbal detox is a natural process, there is almost no risk of side effects but one should make sure the dosage is adequate because we all know the common phrase ‘Too much of anything is not good’.

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