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17 Easy And Fab Buns For The Hair That Refuse To Behave

Do you often wake up with hair which looks more like a beehive? Do you’ve to face this “What the hell!!” moment every single day (that’s sad)?

Due to this, you feel like chopping off your tresses, just like me. Grrrr… Then, welcome to my world.

I’ve thick curls and they give me nightmares. That’s why I like straight hair, but my bestie with straight hair also keeps on cursing all day.


Because her straight hair is also giving her a tough time. Then one day, an idea struck me. I asked my bestie to try hair buns and since then, we’ve stopped complaining for good. 🙂

Whatever your preference: messy hair bun, curly hair bun or wedding hair buns, you’ll get all of them in this article. For those short-haired girls—I didn’t forget you! There are also some tutorials on how to make a bun with short hair, so stop making faces.

Let’s start now.

Sophisticated Small Low Bun:

You used to have long hair, but chopped them off for a new short haircut. Now, you might be regretting your decision because you can’t style them in different ways. Then this super chic low rolled bun is for you to create a perfect red carpet look.

Also, this one is my favorite because I think this is one of the best buns for short hair.

You Need:

  • Hair-tie
  • 5-6 small hairpins

How To Get The Look:

  • Pull your hair back in a sleek low ponytail.
  • Slightly loosen the hair-tie.
  • Split your hair above it into 2 sections with your fingers.
  • Pull the ponytail up and through the opening, while holding the split hair.
  • Tighten the ponytail until the hair-tie is hidden.
  • Secure the bun with hairpins.

Perfect for:

• Fine and straight hair.

Cute Messy Bun for Short Hair:

Short on time? Still want to look sophisticated? Want to know how to make a messy bun with short hair?

Then, try this messy side bun because it’s fast and can give you Oh! So stunning look in much in less time.

You Need:

• Hair elastic
• 8-10 bobby pins

How To Get The Look:

  • Tease your hair from crown and on the sides.
  • Separate the opposite side of where the pony tail will be, leaving two sections in front on each side.
  • Secure a pony tail with hair-tie to the side of your choice.
  • Then, start pinning the curls to your head messily with bobby pins.
  • In the end, loosely pin back the front sections into the bun to complete the look.

Perfect for:

• Wavy or curly hair.

You might like to make your hair grow faster to try different hair buns.

Classic Military Bun:

A Military Hair Bun is particularly tight and neat, which is required for any long-haired woman in the military.

However, you can also wear it for a casual day out with friends or to jazz up your nighttime look.

You Need:

  • Thick hair holder
  • 3-4 large bobby pins
  • 2-3 small bobby pins
  • Hairnet (optional)
  • Hairspray

How To Get The Look:

  • Make a ponytail of damp hair at the back of your head.
  • Lift up the ponytail and twist it tightly.
  • Wrap the twisted hair at the base of the ponytail till it’s completely wrapped to make a bun.
  • Secure the bun with bobby pin.
  • Put the hairnet over the bun.
  • Secure it with small bobby pins.
  • Spray the bun with hairspray to smooth any flyaways.

Keep the hairspray handy with you, just in case you need to secure the military hair bun later.

Perfect for:

• All types of hair

Classic Military Bun

Elegant Donut Bun:

Buns upon a time were underrated, mostly because we hadn’t discovered them much.

Hair looks gorgeous and sleek with straighting irons or curling tongs, but unfortunately, it takes too long and damages your hair.

So, you can wear your hair elegantly in a donut bun in just a few seconds.

You Need:

  • Donut hair bun or sock bun
  • Hair-tie
  • U-pins

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How To Get The Look:

  • Give yourself a ponytail.
  • Pull the donut through the ponytail.
  • Fan your hair out over the top, covering the donut.
  • Then, secure with u-pins.

Elegant Donut Bun

If you’re daring enough, then you can try a side donut bun, just like these ladies.

Elegant Donut Bun

Perfect for:

• Any type of hair (isn’t it great?)

High-Class French Braid Bun:

You’re obsessed with French braids and want them in every hair do. Then, you’ll love this French hair bun + French braid hairstyle.

This gorgeous look is common at weddings and proms, but you can create a looser, more casual version of it for everyday wear.

You Need:

  • Elastic band
  • A few hairpins
  • Hair spray

How To Get The Look:

  • Start French braiding from the side for this woven do.
  • Secure the end of the braid with the elastic band.
  • Twist the braid around to make a bun.
  • Pin the ends to secure.
  • Spray hair lightly to make the style last longer.

Perfect for:

• Every hair type

High-Class French Braid Bun

Two Minute Elegant Bun for long hair:

Do you keep on admiring Angelina Jolie’s hair buns all the time and wonder how to make a hair bun?

If this is the case, then this amazing two-minute hairstyle is for you. You’ll be able to achieve a flawless and elegant bun, without much effort.

Also, this bun is one of my favorite wedding hair buns.

You Need:

  • Hair wax spray
  • Hair holder
  • Hairpins

How To Get The Look:

  • Spray your hair with hair wax.
  • Make three sections of your hair.
  • Get a ponytail near the nape with the hair holder.
  • Roll the ponytail in a bun.
  • Fix the other two sections in the bun with hairpins.

Perfect for:

• Wavy and straight hair.

Contemporary Japanese Hair Bun:

Japanese girls love to put their hair in a bun and you also want to flaunt the Japanese hair bun.

But, you don’t know how to do it. Well, it isn’t difficult.You just have to tie your hair in bun on top of your head.


Because a bun on back of your head makes you look more mature and older. On the other hand, a hair bun on the top of your head makes you look younger and cuter.

You can also accessorize the bun with hair bun accessories or a hair band to make the bun more stylish.

You Need:

  • Hair-rubber
  • 2 small bobby pins
  • Hair bow (optional)

How To Get The Look:

  • Put your hair in a high ponytail with only two twists of the hair-rubber.
  • In the third twist, don’t pull the entire hair through the rubber.
  • Secure the remaining strands with bobby pins.
  • Place the bow on the side of the bun.

Perfect for:

• Slightly wavy and straight hair

Easy French Twist Bun:

Nothing says chic like a French bun hair twist. But the traditional style seems a bit intimidating to pull off.

So, here’s a simpler take.

This take on it is a bit messier and looser; therefore it feels less sleek and more casual.

Fade-up with lice in your hair? read quick guide to clean that mess.

You Need:

  • 8-10 medium-sized bobby pins
  • That’s it, you don’t need anything else. 🙂

How To Get The Look:

  • Sweep your hair off to the right side.
  • Then, slip in a bobby pin vertically from the bottom.
  • Insert more bobby pins, crisscrossing them to secure the hair.
  • Finish by pushing in the last pin downward.
  • After that, pull up the hair and twist tightly.
  • Insert the bobby pins horizontally from the base of the twist to hold the style.
  • Let the ends fall freely.
  • Spray hair lightly (optional).

Perfect for:

• Wavy hair

Easy French Twist Bun

Curly Twist Bun Hairstyle:

When the world is fawning over sleek hair and beachy waves, it can be hard to rock your natural curls with confidence.

But you don’t want to blend into the crowd and become a victim of hair loss. So, it’s high time to ditch the flat irons and embrace your kinks and ringlets. To begin with, get inspired by this messy bun for curly hair to flaunt those curlies in style.

You need:

  • A hair bungee

Bobby pins

How To Get The Look:

  • Separate a section of hair on the left from the front.
  • Gather the rest of your hair at the nape of your neck and make it as big or as small as you like.
  • Put this hair in a ponytail with a hair bungee.
  • Twist your ponytail into a bun.
  • For the front twist: Start at the top and twist two equal parts of hair together.
  • Keep twisting away from your face and adding in hair.
  • You can also angle the twist towards your bun so that it sits against your head properly.
  • Use bobby pins to hold the twist in place.
  • Wrap your twist around your bun.
  • Secure in place with bobby pins.

Perfect for:

• Curly hair

Curly Twist Bun Hairstyle

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The Double Braid Bun:

You’ll love this look because it’s quirky, unique and modern twist on French braided pigtails.

The other good thing is that it keeps your hair out of your face while still looking fabulous and pretty.

You Need:

  • Ponytail holder
  • Bobby pins
  • Finishing spray

How to Get the Look:

  • Part your hair and don’t define the part past the crown of your head.
  • From your hairline start French braiding until you reach the nape of your neck.
  • Do the same process on the other side.
  • Combine the two braids, when they’ve reached the nape of your neck.
  • Complete the braid so that it becomes one braid.
  • Secure the ends with ponytail holder.
  • Twist the braid to hide the ends so it looks like a bun.
  • Pin the bun to your head using bobby pins.
  • Spray with a light finishing spray.

Perfect for:

• Thick and long hair.

Double Braid Bun

Super Quick Messy Hair Bun for Wavy Hair:

Achieving a messy bun without the frizz can be a challenge for the ladies with wavy tresses.

But you can create an easy and simple bun with all the mess and none of the frizz with this cute messy hair bun.

You need:

  • Curl shaping hair gel
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair band
  • Towel

How to Get The Look:

  • Rub a generous amount of curl shaping hair gel into your palms and apply throughout damp hair.
  • Scrunch your hair with a towel in order to quicken the drying process.
  • Place a ponytail toward the back of your head.
  • Press the ponytail against the scalp.
  • Tuck away locks pieces and secure them with bobby pins.

Perfect for:

• Both fine and thick hair

Pretty Braided Hair Buns:

Braids are in rage this season, whether it is a fishtail braid, a French braid, or just your everyday three-strand braid.

Check out this bun with braiding hair and learn how to change an ordinary braid into a trendy and chic look.

You Need:

  • Hair-tie
  • Small bobby pins

How to Get The Look:

  • Give yourself a ponytail at the back of your head.
  • Make three strands braid.
  • Secure it with the hair tie.
  • Fold it and keep on pinning it, till you get the look.

Perfect for:

• Fine and straight hair

Stunning bun hairstyles for black hair:

Braids and twists are great, but sometimes you want something with a little more simplicity.

To get a gorgeous faux bun at home without all of the fuss of having to go to the salon is something you hope for most of the time.

So, in the following videos you’ll learn how to put hair in a bun without damaging your hair and still look dazzling.

High Bun with Kanekalon Hair:

Ninja Marley Hair Bun:

Stylish Faux Hair Bun:

Winding up:

Hopefully, you’ve found some perfect and inspiring hair buns for you in the article.

So, next weekend get hold of your friend and try all the buns on her. Haha..

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends because chances are; they’re also gritting their teeth every morning, the way you used to do.

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