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Top 5 Gifts For Men : The Perfect Gift For The Man In Your Life

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Getting gifts for men which they will appreciate and love is a hard task!

Men usually buy gifts for their wife, girlfriend or daughter as a token of gratefulness for taking care of the family, being patient with them when they are not at their best behavior and working hard to make their relationship work. Men buy gifts for their daughters because, well, they like to pamper the only girl in their life who loves them unconditionally!

“It is said that, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and expensive watches”

However, like every person in this world, men too like receiving gifts. The only problem here is that there isn’t as much variety of gifts for men as there is for women. We are here to help you out with that problem!

Here are gifts for men that will make him love you even more:

1. Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

best gifts for men
The Sheepskin Bomer Jacket Gift For Men

This jacket gives the “I-am-guy-and-I-rock” vibe and is a great gift for men. They will love you for it and will cherish this gift for the rest of their life (quite literally since these jackets last a long time).

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This jacket is warm, contemporary and never goes out of style. Sure, it might leave your pocket a little lighter than you expected, but well, he has showered you with gifts ever since you have been together, hasn’t he? We recommend this stylish and elegant jacket from Schott NYC.

2. Livescribe Notebook

This Livescribe Notebook has a futuristic feel to it and your guy is sure to love this if he is a tech freak (which, let’s face it, almost every guy is). This elegant product from Moleskine automatically shows whatever you write on its pages onto any device you want.

This device uses the technology of Bluetooth which is found in the Livescribe 3 Smartpen and dot paper which enables it to instantly show any content in the app in real time. This gift is one of the coolest gifts for men on our list and will make your man insanely happy! Also, it is not that expensive at $29.95 which you can buy from Moleskine.

3. Single Malt Scotch

Does your guy love his alcohol? Well, then this is the perfect gift for him! Single malt scotch is a rich and mellow drink. None of the alcoholic drinks are as masculine and luxurious as single malt scotch!

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Starting from $45, this gift for men is surely going to be within your spending power and guaranteed to get you a lot of affection from your guy (too much after he has had a drink or two).

4. Personalized Sports Jersey

Is your man a fan of sports? If yes, he definitely has a favorite sports team! It could be his favorite football club, the NBA team he loves his childhood or the national cricket or rugby team.

You may find this weird, but your man has laughed and gone crazy with excitement when his team won and cried whenever they lost. So gifting them a jersey of their favorite sports team with their name on it is going to make them happy beyond words!

5. Seyvr Charging Wallet

 gift ideas for men
Seyvr Charging Wallet A Perfect Gifts for Men

Another one of the gifts for men could be a Seyvr Charging Wallet. Move over wallets, Seyvr has come up with an innovation your man is going to love: A phone charging wallet. Yes, you read it right!

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Sevyr has launched a top-grain leather wallet which is ultra-thin and doubles as a phone charger. Except for the capacity to hold six cards and money clip for cash, it also has a powerbank which is integrated with a lithium-polymer battery.

Concluding Words

They might like presenting themselves as tough, but inside, men might actually be softer than women and they absolutely love the occasional gift as it makes them feel cherished and cared for.

So go out or go on-line right now and buy your man a gift he can cherish and value forever! Buying gifts for men is not that difficult now, is it?

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