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Weed Makes You Lose Weight : Says A Study

Can weed become the secret weapon to solve America’s obesity problem?

According to a report by the CDC, obesity costs the United States, nearly $147 billion per year in medical costs.

This number is increasing day by day as teenagers tend to eat more junk food.

why does smoking weed make you lose weight
Can smoking weed make you skinny?

Does weed make you lose weight?

This controversial question has been asked since people began smoking it.

Mostly, the individuals whom I’ve seen smoking weed are skinny. But, it doesn’t mean that all people smoking marijuana will be skinny.

Let’s find out what various studies have to say about marijuana and weight loss.

What does the American Journal of Medicine find in its study?

According to a surprising study, published in AMJMED – The health benefits of smoking weed may extend beyond relieving pain.

The research concluded that the use of cannabis is associated with smaller waist circumferences and lower levels of fasting insulin and HOMA-IR.

If you are interested to know about the detection period of weed in your system for various tests, you can read it in my previous article.

What does the study of the American Journal of Epidemiology conclude?

does weed make you lose weight
Find out if smoking marijuana can really help in losing weight.

According to the study by AJE, 22 percent of Americans who didn’t smoke marijuana were obese in comparison to 14 percent of those who did smoke it. Moreover, the results were same even after the adjustments were made for sex and age.

Moreover, the results were same even after the adjustments were made for sex and age.

This study also concluded that the prevalence of obesity is lower in weed smokers in comparison to the nonusers.

Why Does Weed Make You Hungry?

why does marijuana make you hungry
Smoking weed makes you feel hungry

This is true that marijuana use is associated with munchies (increased appetite).

Normally, pot smokers consume 600 more calories. But, still marijuana users aren’t obese as per the studies mentioned above.

The reason for the increased appetite isn’t clear. But, it may be due to the stimulation of ghrelin hormone by THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Ghrelin is a potent appetite stimulator and is often called “The Hunger hormone.”

This hormone also helps in breaking down and metabolizing carbohydrates in our bodies. So, weed makes you hungry, but at the same time, it helps in metabolizing your food by stimulating ghrelin.

Does smoking weed make you lose weight?

does weed make you lose weight
According to various studies, smoking weed may make you skinny

Till now, the answer to this question seems to be “YES.”

But it’s important for you to know that the above studies were not controlled. So, weight loss in people smoking weed may be due to some other factors.

After reading the article, what are your views regarding the legalization of marijuana worldwide?

You can share your views in the comments.

You can also share your views regarding the question asked in the beginning.


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