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12 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Take His Heart Away

Are you an introvert or not able to express your feelings properly to your Dream Boy? Or you are an extrovert, but still running out of words to express your love towards him? Don’t worry; we are here to solve your problem with these 12 cute things to say to your boyfriend.

Because sometimes actions don’t speak louder than words.

Romantic couple relaxing and embracing on the beach during the s
Romantic couple relaxing and embracing on the beach during the summer

Boys also love attention. They don’t show it, but yes they love it too, JUST LIKE US. *wink*
So make him feel that he is the centre of your universe by texting or saying these cute little things to him.

Here Are 12 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Grin

I Could Sit Next To You All Day Without Saying Anything And Be At Peace.

Yes, I agree, silence is awkward, but let your eyes do all the talking sometimes. Trust me and you’ll thank me later for it.

I Value Everything I Have Learnt From You.

This line will show that he has made you a better person. Like in my case, I learnt to pray before meals and control my strong tongue; from him only (To be frank, he is responsible for making me a Lady from a tomboy.)

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I Don’t Know Where I’m Going To Be Ten Years From Now, But I Pray To God It’s Somewhere With A Beautiful View And Beside You.

After reading this, he will say only one word. Awwwww (Yeah, I know men do not like this word, but they do use it sometimes.)

Sometimes I Look At You And Think. “Darn, You Are One Lucky Man.”

As we know, good sense of humor is an attractive trait in a woman. So, show your witty side by saying cute things like this and he will fall in love with you all over again.

I Can Stare At You Like A Creep Because I Think You Are So Damn Cute.

One can also say “I love it when you look into my eyes. I feel like that you can read my mind.” (Thank God, he is not Edward Cullen.)

Well, this might sound cheesy, these type of cute things to say to your boyfriend will never go out of fashion.

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I Know That You Are Proud To Have Me In Your Life. But, When You Hold My Hand In Public, I Believe It.

This isn’t oh-so-romantic line to say to your man, but he’ll appreciate it that you believe in what he has to say.

Also, if he holds your hand in public, then you’re lucky because most of the girls just dream of it.

You Are My Utopia. Everything Seems Perfect When You Hold Me In Your Arms (Best Place After Your Heart.)

The best thing about hugs is they are like boomerang you get them back right away. So next time when he hugs you, just whisper these words in his ears and see the magic.

My Favorite place after your heart – Your arms.

It Is Hard To Find Good-Looking Men With Brains On The Earth. Are You An Alien?

(This one is my favorite.)
Doesn’t it sound like old wine in a new bottle? Yes, that is the trick. So break the monotony by complimenting him in an innovative and amusing way.

I Love It When……

You can personalize it accordingly. Like, I love it when you hold my hand while crossing the road or when you feed me with your hands.

To make it more hilarious, simply say “I loved it when you combed my hair that day and they were looking like a beehive.” It’ll surely bring a smile on his face.

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When You Came Into My Life, I Realized Why It Never Worked Out With Any Of The Others.

Soul Mates. Yes, that’s the word.
Do I need to explain more? No? (Heartfelt thanks to telepathy.)

I Fell For You Because Of The Little Things You Never Knew You Were Doing.

This is one of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend. He will feel blessed that he has such a smart girlfriend, who pays attention to details (Don’t take it seriously, it is supposed to be a joke.)

I Don’t Think I Can Forget You Even If I Get Alzheimer’s.

(Does it remind you of Allie Hamilton from The Notebook? )
I agree this is a bit exaggerated, but all is fair in love and war.


I hope these cute things to say to your boyfriend over text or in person will help you to keep the spark alive. Don’t hesitate to take the benefit of the list because it is not going to backfire (pinky promise.)

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