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How To Break Fever : The Most Effective And Natural Ways

Feeling feverish….

You might be aware of feeling nauseous and dehydrated.

The feverish body will make you feel weak and lethargic. And who does not want to get rid of that?

Wondering to deal with it without having to gulp capsules or syrup. Well, certain home cures can actually help you break it down naturally.

So, here I would be discussing home remedies to help you break a fever:

Get Sufficient Rest

A mild to moderate fever is not much detrimental to health, rather it stimulates natural body mechanism against infections. But that does not give you the permit to deal with it carelessly. Taking rest is even more important than medication. So, take care of this especially with the kids.

Avoid any sort of physical or mental exertion that might raise the body temperature. Also, make sure there is no further rise in temperature. For that matter, Monitor the temperature once every two hours and take needed precautions.

Over Dressing Is Not Going To Help

Having fever usually, make us feel chilled down to spines.

And most of the time we cover ourselves under excess layers of clothing. Do you think you can get rid of the fever by allowing the body temperature to rise even higher?

The answer is NO since the feverish body gets overheated very quickly and in that scenario bundling up yourself inside blankets would do no good.

So what is the purpose of holding that heat inside the body…!!

Try dressing up in light dry clothes to let the body cool down naturally. You might shiver with cold but it is fine since it is the natural way of creating heat to boost the body temperature.

Go Chilling And Take A Cool Shower

Ever wondered taking a quick cool bath in Fever…? Do you think it is going to help?
Well, it surely can.

Taking a bath has been seen as an expert measure to lower down the body temperature in case it gets high beyond a certain level. While doing so just be careful that the water is not too chilled to trigger excess shivering which might prove to be counterproductive.

Talking about kids, if they are not willing to take a bath and want some leniency, there are other means too. As a substitute, you can also use lukewarm water to sponge their body to break the fever naturally.

Yet another help would be rinsing your face, neck and feet with water to let the body calm down.

Keep The Body Hydrated

You might be aware of the fact that our body loses a lot of fluids while sweating, so it becomes essential to compensate for this water loss via perspiration.

Ways to counter dehydration:

  • Increase the water and fluid intake as much as you can.
  • Drink chilled beverages to bring down the temperature.
  • Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is also suggested as they contain those vital electrolytes which are lost during sweating.

Even if fever is not marked with much perspiration, fluid intake should be increased anyway but in that case, go for warmer beverages – consume tea and soups. This would generate heat inside the body and would lead to sweating which helps the body to bring the temperature down.

Cold Compresses Can Be Effective

Grandmother’s cold compresses always seem to work. Have you ever tried them……? No, then keep this in your mind for the next time you feel feverish.

  • Apply a cold compress over the forehead and exposed area of the neck.
  • Keep doing it for a few times and you would find temperature coming down.

Cold compresses allow heat to escape by lowering down the body temperature. This method is highly effective with kids.

Wet socks treatment

How about going for an unconventional approach..!!

Well, for me it has always worked and “Wet Socks” treatment is one among them.
All you need to do is, soak a pair of cotton sock in cold water and wear them on your feet covering the ankles. For additional effects, you can also wear a pair of woollen socks over them for better insulation.

Your feet are capable of losing the maximum amount of heat so this would stimulate the process. Another fact about this method would lead to increased blood circulation that consequently results in better immunity.

Be Right With The Diet

It’s a well-certified fact that certain foods have a better effect in enhancing the immunity, so what we need to do is go for a strategic diet.

The feverish body spends a lot of energy in digesting whatever little we consume. But this energy should instead be used to ward off those infections.

In that case, what we need to do is eat wisely.

  • Prefer eating Vitamin C rich fruits which make the immunity stronger and compensate for the water.
  • Consume warm beverages to stimulate perspiration.
  • Avoid consuming foods which are not easily digestible.
  • Certain bacteria depends on our intake of nutrition for their survival, so to eliminate them from the body it is advisable to avoid eating much for a while.

Ever Thought Of Remedies You Have In Hand……Let Me Guide You Through It.

1. Basil

This easily available herb has strong antibiotic properties and can have quick curative effects on fever.

  • Another ingredient that can be used along is Ginger which is a great antiviral agent.
  • Put some leaves of basil and crushed ginger in a hot boiling pot of water and add a spoon of honey to it while consuming.
  • Having this tea, three to four times a day can show miraculous effects in healing.

2. Go Herbal

Prepare a strong herbal tea with chamomile, peppermint, or catnip. All of these ingredients will act strongly counteractive against fever.

3. Slice it down with Potatoes

Peel a potato and dip its slices in Vinegar for a while. Place these slices on the forehead and cover it with a wet wrap. Do it for 30 minutes and you will see immediate results.

4. Garlic Cloves

Garlic cloves can increase the level of perspiration to a great extent. So, why not try it on your Fever.

    • Add some cloves of Garlic to boiling water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the residual and drink the content. Its consumption would ward off the toxins from the body and help heal the fever.
    • It can also be used along with Olive oil – heat the oil and cloves in a pan and apply the solution to the sole of your feet and get amazed with the rapid results.

5. Oregano

Ever thought about its antihistamine properties…….. Yes, then give it a chance. It may act best against the fever especially if it is caused due to some allergy.

Add fresh Oregano leaves to boiling water along with Cardamom. Heat it for 10 minutes, then let it cool down. Optionally, you can add orange juice to it and have it thrice a day.

6. Leafy Lettuce

Did you know Lettuce can help the body calm down? It can actually help you have a better sleep during fever. Just try it once and see for yourself.

      • Put some water to boil and add chopped lettuce to it. Steep it for a while and then add the sweetener of your choice. Enjoy this drink twice a day to let it calm your veins.

7. Lemon and honey

Cure it with the simplest of all remedies. Lemon as already known the greatest detoxifying agents can help stimulate the ongoing process of detoxification. It can also act highly curative against allergies. Prepare a combination of lemon juice, honey and extracts of ginger. Have a spoon of it before sleeping and see its overnight effects.

8. Treat with Turmeric

How we can miss Turmeric, knowing its excellent medicinal properties. This, of course, is a well familiar remedy with huge healing effects. A hot cup of milk with a pinch of turmeric and black pepper could be the only solution you would need.

9. Lemongrass

To a cup of boiling water add finely chopped lemon grass, stir it, strain it and have it. Let the strong antipyretic properties of Lemon grass act on your fever.

10. Sandalwood

Fever sometimes result in severe and unbearable headaches. In that case, I would suggest applying the thick solution of sandalwood on your forehead. Its cooling effects will let you relax and the therapeutic properties would deal with the fever.

11. Remedial effects of Raisins and Lime

Soak 20-25 raisins in one cup of water. Add a spoon of lime juice to it. Drink this solution twice a day to see rapid healing effects.


Fever is our body’s way to retort to infections, so it is not a matter of serious medical concern until the temperature gets dangerously high. So, why go for medication when you can cure it at home only.

All these natural remedies can benefit you immensely if done properly. So, next time you feel feverish, follow these simple tips and beat it at home.

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