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Benefits Of Honey Water Will Never Let You Fall Ill Again!

No one likes honey bees, but honey is loved by one and all, how ironic!! It has an attractive color & taste and our taste buds are in love with it. Did u ever think how beneficial honey is?

It helps you in getting rid of strep throat, pink eye, acne scars, diarrhea, blackheads and hiccups.

You might have heard that drinking honey mixed with water an hour before jogging can help you lose weight. What if we tell you that you don’t need to do jogging and you can STILL lose weight?


benefits of honey water
Delicious honey
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It’s all about having this magical potion at the right time of the day. That is, right after you wake up, with an empty stomach.

Adding a tablespoon of honey in a glass of hot water (as hot as you can tolerate) is going to be beneficial for you in more than one way. We promise you that this is no myth!

Amazing Benefits of Honey Water

1. See Those Pounds Melt Away

This is as true as the fact that Monica Bellucci is the most beautiful woman in the world.

If you think sugar is bad for your health, think again! Honey contains natural sugar, which is never going to harm your health. Natural sugar is actually good for your health and it also helps killing the food cravings for artificial sugar found in soft drinks.

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Of course, everyone knows this! But people still consume them. Banning yourself from drinking these soft drinks as well as having the honey water in the morning will help you in weight loss.

This is not going to be any miracle overnight, but its effect will be felt in the long run for sure.

2. Say Bye-Bye to Common Cold

Another one of the many benefits of honey water is it helps in fighting common cold.It leads to a reduction in your body’s sensitivity to the allergies of your environment.But, never ever give honey to an infant because it can spread botulism bacteria in them.

3. Stronger Immunity, Lesser Illnesses

Bacteria-killing properties of honey are incredible to say the least. The raw, organic and local honey is packed with enzymes that help a great deal with digestion since it contains minerals and vitamins which are crucial for protection against bacteria.

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A study presented in the spring conference of the Society for General Microbiology in UK reported finding reverse bacterial resistance to antibiotics in the “Manuka” honey which says a lot about the health benefits of honey water.

Being an antioxidant, honey plays an important role in fighting all the bad radicals and gives a considerable boost to your immunity.

4. Never Suffer from a Sore Throat Again

Honey mixed with hot water will take care of that sore throat and cough too, which is another health benefits of honey water.

This magical concoction supposedly coats the throat while warm water provides a soothing effect. This coating and soothing quality of warm honey water helps in decreasing your cough since many a times, coughing is the result of irritation in a sore throat.

5. Your Digestive System will Thank You

Your digestive system will be detoxified by the daily consumption of honey mixed with warm water. It helps in getting rid of all the toxins from the body and helps in digestion. Regular use will help you get rid of toxins that build up over time and cause all kinds of diseases.

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If you squeeze half a lemon into this mixture, the benefits are sure to increase. Lemon tends to increase urination, thus getting rid of toxins by helping you maintain a healthy urinary tract.

The citric acid in lemons increases enzyme function to the maximum, thus stimulating the liver and aiding the detoxification process.

6. Soothe Your Environmental Allergies

If you suffer from environmental allergies, then honey water can come to your rescue by keeping you hydrated and making you coexist with your area’s irritants.

However, it won’t cure your allergies, but help ease your allergic symptoms, so don’t stop taking medication in between.

7. Feeling Gassy? Then Sip Warm Honey Water

This delicious thing helps in neutralizing gas and helps you get rid of that uncomfortable and bloated feeling.

Just drink a glass of warm water and honey in the morning and before going to bed as it’ll neutralize gas.

Do you need more reasons to actually try this magical potion??? No, right? Then get yourself a glass and observe the benefits of honey water yourself. Also, do come back to check out more amazing articles here.

FAQs Related to Honey

Can a person with diabetes eat honey?

Yes (I guess the benefits of honey are increasing day by day), because honey doesn’t trigger an immediate or excessive release of insulin which usually results from the consumption of artificial sweeteners. Thus, it doesn’t promote fat storage, fat production, and weight gain.

But you’ve to be cautious with its consumption as we all know, too much of anything is bad for us.

I’m not making it up, a study has proved whatever I said above.

How to store honey?

Well, it can be stored anywhere at any temperature as it never goes bad, due to its unique chemical composition.

However, storing honey at room temperature is a good idea to stop it from liquefying due to hot temperatures or crystallizing due to cold temperatures.

Is it true that crystallized honey is not pure honey?

No. As granulation is a natural process of crystallization of the glucose in honey. That is why it is not recommended to refrigerate it.

Moreover, crystallized honey can be liquefied easily by keeping the bottle in hot water or out in the sun for sometime.

What is raw honey?

Raw honey is the natural, unpasteurized honey. It is what bees produce in the hive and you can eat it after it has been extracted and foreign particles have been removed such as bee parts, pollen and wax.

Pure, unpasteurized or raw honey is not modified, pasteurized, or adulterated in any way before it is packaged and sold.

Does the health benefits of honey sold in retail stores are same as pure, unpasteurized honey?

No, a big NO. Pure honey has pollen and other constituents that are removed in the heating and filtering process. Therefore, pasteurized honey doesn’t have the same enzymes and benefits of unpasteurized honey.

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