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Some Amazing Benefits of Detox Water That You Probably Never Knew

When the term diet or detox comes up, many people start making faces because the first thing that comes to their mind is those bitter smoothies and roughage food. But there is also another great and simple way to detox your body, and that is through the water.

Benefits of Detox WaterIt is said that drinking sufficient amount of water releases the toxins and helps you to keep your body healthy.

Apart from this, there can be a number of other benefits that you can get with the help of water detox method. There are many people who are taking this challenge to get a healthier life.

Water detox cannot take place if you simply keep on drinking any water. Your water should be full of minerals. Even with minerals, you need to choose between the two water types and that are hard water and soft water.

Are There Any Health Benefits of Detox Water?

There are a number of benefits that you get if you consume mineral water rich in magnesium and calcium.

Some of the important benefits of drinking water rich in such minerals are as follows:

  • Eliminates metallic toxins- Detoxes your body by cleansing out the metallic toxins from your body.
  • Burnout calories– Promotes healthy fat in the body that helps in the metabolism of burning out calories from your body.
  • Get a glowing skin- Your skin becomes naturally more beautiful and glowing than before.
  • Get minerals as a supplement- The minerals that you do not get from your meals can be supplemented with the mineral water.

Water Detox Diet

There are a number of detox methods, but not all types of detox can flush out the toxins from your body completely. It is possible only through water. Water is very much effective in cleansing your body properly, that too without any side-effects.

Thus, whether you are trying to lose your weight or just wish to get detoxed, water can be the best possible way.

But, how to detox your body with water? This research has proved that you’ supposed to consume water according to your size and weight and the place of your residence.

We’re quite familiar with the dangers of, dehydration. So, if your body is not sufficiently hydrated, then the cells will draw water from the bloodstream to pressurize and burden your heart.

If it happens, then some of the kidney’s work is transferred to your liver and other organs, which might cause them to be severely stressed.

As a result, minor health problems such as dry and itchy skin, acne, constipation, sneezing, coughs, nosebleeds, urinary tract infections, and headache might develop.

Water fasts are regularly practiced by keen detox advocates. But, don’t take fasting lightly, as any fast longer than 2 days should be medically supervised.

However, you should keep in mind that excess of anything is bad. So, never drink huge amounts of water in one go because it might cause stress to your internal organs such as.

Which Type of Water Helps in Getting Detoxed?

Hard water is considered the best for detoxing as it has magnesium and calcium which are not there in distilled water.

Even soft water doesn’t have much of these two minerals; rather they’ve the mineral content lesser than 120 mg/L.

Just because of the presence of magnesium and calcium ions removes the toxins from your body.

These minerals also promote healthy fat and a metabolism that helps in burning a good amount of calories in your body so that you can lose weight.

However, increased intake of magnesium can promote enhanced levels of free testosterone in your body.

And all this can reduce the levels of body fat and increase the lean muscle mass.This can help in weight loss as muscle burns more calories than fat.

Why is Water Detoxification Required?

A number of people have this misconception that detoxification is useful only to lose excess calories in the body. But they may not know that there are a number of benefits that can motivate you to go for a detox diet at least once in 3-4 months.

1. Increased Amount of Energy

With regular intake of various unhealthy food items such as fats, sugar, and caffeine, you may miss out the important nutrients and thus, also may end up losing your energy.

Detox diet cuts off all these junk and helps you in getting more of minerals and vitamins that increases the amount of energy in your body.

The minerals and sometimes added antioxidants provide you with more energy that solves out the problem of getting tired quite often.

2. Removes Excess Waste from the Body

One of the main things that detoxing process does is cleaning of the internal organs such as liver, kidneys and the colon. The harmful toxins from these organs are removed so that you can have a healthy body.

The more water you drink, the more you get the feeling of going to the toilet, and also you sweat more. Your excess toxins of the body mainly come out in the form of sweat and urine.

This is the reason along with going for the detox process; it is also advised to go for regular exercising.

3. Helps in Weight Loss

Of course, when your diet is replaced with something healthy and nutritional, your body starts getting healthier and hence you also lose the extra pounds of calories and weight that your body had.

When you are having water full of minerals and vitamins, your stomach feel full, and hence, you do not get hungry quite often. It is said to have a glass of water before meals so that you do not overeat.

This method thus helps in maintaining your body weight and cutting off the extra fat and calories.

4. Improves Immune System

Your internal organs sometimes do not work properly because your body is affected by harmful toxins due to the lifestyle you have.

So, when you detox your body and get rid of all those harmful toxins, your organs start working properly once again and also your immune system is improved.

5. Improves Skin

Detoxing also results in the improved skin. Damage of skin is mainly due to the accumulation of dust and toxins in the internal cells.

Detox removes the toxins and brings out the internal glow of the skin. It may happen that the cases of acne may worsen during the detox process.

But there is nothing to worry because this is only the release of toxins from the skin. When the skin is cleared from inside, the blemishes and the problems will vanish on its own.

6. Healthy Hair

Not only your internal organs and skin, but detox can help also in improving the conditions of your hair. Today 90% of the women face problems of hair fall or dry hair or also of hair not growing. These problems have a single root, and that is unhealthy hair follicle.

This is because of the excess amount of toxins in the body and also due to lack of nutrients that are a must for the hair.

Detoxification deals with such problem and helps in treating the hair follicle to make them healthy. If the hair follicles get healthy, you can get long, strong and shinier hair.

7. Feeling Light

Due to the high amount of stress, early morning when you get up, you may not feel fresh quite often. Also many times, the whole day seems to be very much tiring.

When you are on a detox diet, you intake a lot of antioxidants that makes you feel light and prevents you from getting tired quite often. You don’t feel groggy during the afternoon after a tiring day.

8. Anti-aging Benefits

Of course, there are a number of products and treatments that can fight against anti-ageing. But when you already have a natural way to prevent aging, then what is the need of any kind of artificial products.

You are only noticing single benefits such as healthy skin, healthy hair or improved digestion. But when all these things happen together, of course, it also prevents you from aging fast.

9. Reduces Muscle Fatigue

When you are working out, your muscles won’t be fatigued if you are on a detox water plan. Also helps to recuperate faster after a workout.

10. Makes Your Breath Smell Good

A backed up colon may be a reason for your bad breath. But, if you are on a detox water plan, then the colon is cleansed thus reducing the bad breath problem.

When your body is detoxing, at that time you may get bad breath, but as soon as the process is over, you get an improved breath.

Debunking Some Detox Myths

Myth #1

Detox is the fastest way to lose weight.

Fact: Detoxes do help in losing weight quickly, but the pounds will come back the moment you end the diet.

Myth #2

Detox diets are better than beginning a regular diet and exercise regime.

Fact: Though detox diets has the ability of eliminating some toxins from the body, but they’re not a substitute to regular diet and exercise.

Myth #3

Detox diets are enough, you don’t require exercise.

Fact: Well, you can lose weight by detoxing only, but, when you reduce calories in large numbers and skip your gym, you’re losing both muscle and weight.

To keep gaining muscle, you’ve to keep pumping in the gym.

Myth #4

Detox diets include minimal food intake.

Fact: There are many options of healthy detox foods that don’t require expensive juices or little food intake.

Moreover, adding green tea into your diet for natural detoxification is a great idea.

Myth #5

Excessive water consumption detoxes your body.

Fact: Water does help in cleaning out and enhance the function of your liver and kidneys, but excessive water consumption is not healthy. As it can cause headaches, nausea and disorientation.

Myth #6

You can use the sauna as detox.

Fact: Saunas are great to release toxins from the skin but these are not a detox solution. As long periods of time in sauna can result in dehydration.

Take Home Message

Water detox has been known as the easiest detox system compared to other diet plans. Not just the detox plan is easy and simple, but also, it offers a huge list of benefits for your health and body.

It is an idea if you can consider taking this detox program at least in 3-4 months to stay away from some of the most diseases.

Also apart from keeping your internal organs healthy, it also keeps you beautiful. There cannot be any other reason than this to motivate anyone to start with the plan now.

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