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Banana ? Peel for Acne: Get Rid of Daily Face Problem

Once in our lifetime, all of us come across that ugly red bumps on our faces i.e acne, which is a common problem that troubles teenagers more than adults.

For women acne problems peak between the age of 14 and 17 years and for men it’s between 17 and 19 years. 50% adult women suffer from acne against only 25% adult men.

But the most surprising fact is that 96% sufferers believe it can be cured with acne products. Only 4% know that there is no cure but effective treatment can help them get rid of acne.

There is in fact, no need to wander far and wide in search of acne creams and lotions. In your kitchen, actually in the refuse bin lies is the answer: Banana peel that we throw away after eating the fruit.

Surprised? Let us see why and how banana peel for acne can help.

Is Banana Peel Good for Your Face?

Believe it or not, a banana peel is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals and has many beauty benefits. If used on the skin it helps in treating more than one problem.

Here are some properties of banana peel that make it our magical solution for acne:

  • Banana peel contains starch that dries out extra oil secreted by the subcutaneous glands. This helps in preventing further breakouts.
  • Antioxidant lutein fights germs, clears the pores and kills free radicals healing acne faster.
  • Inflammation and irritation of skin is treated by zinc, magnesium and iron present in the peel.
  • Vitamins C blocks the damage caused by free radicals and E in it keep the skin healthy and glowing.
  • Antiseptic properties of banana peel prevent bacterial infections that are a major cause of acne.
  • Soft but slightly rough surface of the peel is excellent for exfoliation. It helps in removing dead skin and toxins.
  • The skin is kept hydrated by enzymes present in banana peel. They also help in healing scars and prevent new acne formation.
  • Banana peel is a natural moisturizer that keeps skin smooth and supple.

Other than acne, banana peel has many other uses as an effective treatment for many other skin problems.

So applying banana peel on your skin can help you more in the following ways:

  • Banana peel is a natural anti-wrinkle remedy due to high contents of Vitamin E. It tones and tightens the skin, removing fine lines of aging.
  • Esterified fatty acids present in the peel are a good treatment for psoriasis and eczema.
  • Wart can be treated by taping a piece of the peel on it every night till the wart is gone.
  • High sugar level in the peel make hemorrhoids shrink.
  • Itching caused by bug bites or poison ivy can be relieved by rubbing banana peel on them.

Different Ways to Use Banana Peel for Acne

Acne may not be painful but it is definitely unsightly and can become a blotch on self-confidence too. Acne is caused due to clogging of the pores.

These pores present below hair follicles get easily clogged by natural oils secreted by our skin, dirt and dead skin. This in turns gets infected by bacteria, which causes little red swellings on the face, shoulders, chest and sometimes legs.

The best way to get rid of them is to disinfect the pores and wash away all impurities. Antioxidants in a banana peel help in removing toxins; antiseptic properties kill the bacteria; moisture keeps skin hydrated and nutrients make the skin healthy.

All it takes is just a few steps every day for a week. Use banana peel in the following ways to keep acne at bay:

Banana Peel on Its Own

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry. Cut banana peel into small pieces, (1.5” a piece) and massage skin with inside of the peel for 10 minutes.

Once the peel has turned brown discard it and use a new piece. Wait for 20 minutes before washing face with warm water.

You may leave the peel on the skin for 20 minutes too. This process can be repeated twice or thrice day.

This is a wonderful massage too. The nutrients of banana peel get absorbed in the skin helping it in fighting acne.

Banana Peel and Oats

Make a smooth paste with one banana peel, half cup oatmeal and three tablespoons sugar. Apply the paste on affected skin and leave for 10 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry then apply an oil free moisturizer. This can be repeated once daily till problem persists. This is a good mask that exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin from the pores.

Banana Peel and Turmeric

In a blender mix equal amounts of mashed banana peel and turmeric. Blend till fine paste is formed.

Massage into the infected area and leave for 15 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and dry your face. Apply an oil free moisturizer.

You may repeat it once daily to get rid of acne. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. When applied with banana peel, it makes a good scrub. It reduces swelling and redness by killing harmful bacteria.

Banana Peel and Baking Powder

Mash the banana peel to make a paste. To one tablespoon of this paste add half tablespoon of baking powder and  little water to make a paste.

With a cotton ball massage the paste in your skin in circular motion. Wash off with warm water after 2 minutes. Apply oil free moisturizer on dried skin.

This can be repeated daily till acne persists. Baking powder helps in removing toxins from the skin, disinfecting the pores.

Banana Peel and Lemon

Mix equal amounts of mashed banana peel and lemon juice. Apply this paste on your acne covered skin with the help of a cotton ball.

Gently massage with the tips of your fingers and leave for 15 minutes for absorption.

You may repeat this daily for better results. Lemon is a natural bleach and disinfectant. It kills acne causing bacteria and lightens scars.

Banana Peel and Honey

Take one tablespoon of banana peel paste and mix half tablespoon raw honey to it. With a cotton ball massage this paste on the affected area in circular motion.

Wash your face with warm water after 15 minutes. Apply oil free moisturizer to your dry skin. Honey is antibacterial. Thus, it cleans up acne fast and keeps the skin hydrated.

Some Important Notes for Effective Results

Banana peel can be effectively used alone for a beautifully glowing skin. But when it is mixed with some of these easily available ingredients, it makes one of the best home remedies for acne.

Take care of the following notes and you will not be devoid of beautiful skin ever:

  • All skin types are different and many things that suit others may be bad for you. Therefore, see your dermatologist before you start the treatment. If banana peel irritates your skin, simply stop using it and go see your doctor.
  • Adhere to the time limits mentioned in the treatments above as a longer duration may cause irritation.
  • Rub your skin gently and avoid scrubbing to hard as it may cause irritation and more acne.
  • Use organic banana that are free of pesticides, fertilizers and harmful chemicals. Also over ripe bananas may not be very useful.
  • To use one banana peel effectively throughout the day, cut out only the size of peel you need and leave the rest on. Eat the banana by the end of the day when the peel is used up completely. This way you use only one banana a day and not waste bananas or their peels.
  • Drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet. Avoid junk food, grease, sugar, excess fat and carbs.

Take Home Message

With small steps every day you can get rid of acne and keep this monster called acne away forever.

Four days is all that it takes to remove acne with the help of banana peel. But you can use it regularly to prevent acne from returning and clearing acne scars as well.

And yes, using banana peel for acne is not enough, you also have to take care of your health by eating healthy and consulting your doctor, every time the bug of trying something new bites you. 🙂

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  1. Acne can be caused due to excess oil on the skin. Banana is a great exfoliator which helps to get rid of the same. Thus, it can be helpful if you got acne because of excess oil.

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