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7 Creepiest Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls!

Are you still searching for Halloween costume ideas? Well, you have landed at the right place. We know how difficult it is to choose a costume for Halloween and sometimes you even forget to think about one. So we have compiled a list of creepiest costumes which you can wear on Halloween without any hassles.

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Here is a list of 7 creepiest Halloween costume ideas for girls that can scare the shit out of anyone:

1. Samara

Samara halloween Dress

Image Source: Twitter

Do you remember Samara from the movie ‘The Ring’? She is one of the creepiest girls in the history of scary movies. Have you ever thought it to be your Halloween costume? If not, then you can think that now. It’s really easy to become Samara by simply using wearing a long white dress or white night gown as your outfit. You need to dishevel your hair and bring it to the front of your face. That’s it! You are ready to scare the hell out of anyone!

2. Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll

Image Source: YouTube

If you want to look like a creepy doll, all you need to do is wear your frilliest dress and put your hair in pigtails. You can use eyeliner to make a big black ring around your eyes and make stitches across your face.

3. Headless Marie Antoinette Costume From Makezine

Headless Marie Antoinette Costume From Makezine

Image Source: Makezine

This is the creepiest of all the Halloween costume ideas listed in this article. It is also a bit difficult to look like this headless lady, but one thing is sure – Everyone will be scared after looking you in this costume. You can see the process of making this costume at Etsy and scare everyone this year on Halloween.

4. Ghost


Image Source: theguardian

This is one of the easiest Halloween costumes to make because all you need is an old bed sheet. To make yourself a ghost, all you need is an old white bed sheet. Just cut out two holes in the bed sheet so that your eyes are visible. You can be as creative as you want and dress the sheet up with some creepy makeup. You can color the area black near your eyes and lot more to look scary.

5. Mummy

Image Source: stepbystep

This may seem to be one of the boring Halloween costume ideas, but it is really fun to make one. Also, it can be made easily without spending a penny because you can easily get all the things required to make the costume at home. You just need to put on white clothes and roll some toilet paper (easily available at home) around you. You can also add some red food coloring or ketchup for a gory effect.

6. Umbrella Bat

Umbrella Bat halloween costume

Image Source: evilmadscientist

This is one of my favorite Halloween costume ideas because of its uniqueness and simple things with which it can be made easily. All you need is one umbrella and a hoodie. Lenore at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has given detailed instructions to make an Umbrella Bat Halloween costume.

7. Zombie Prom Queen

Zombie prom queen

Image Source: amazon

Zombies can scare the hell out of anyone and you can think of becoming one this year on Halloween. To look like a Zombie Prom Queen, you need to mix water and mascara together and use a cotton swab to make dark eyes and tears rolling down the face. You can dishevel your hair using a hairspray, smudge lipstick across your face and add a crown on top of your head. Don’t forget to add a prom queen sash, which can be easily made from old fabric or paper.

We hope our creepiest Halloween costume ideas will end your confusion. If you have more creepy ideas other than listed above, you can share them with us.

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