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5 Simple Medicine Ball Exercises To Tone Your Body

The medicine ball is one of the simplest and most effective exercise equipment out there. Medicine ball exercises can help you give your body the perfect shape you want. Also, you can get them at very cheap prices! These balls are available in varying sizes and weights, which can help you improve your muscular power and sports performance.

Here are 5 simple medicine ball exercises which tone your body:

1. Medicine Ball Push-Ups


To do this exercise, you need to come in a traditional push-up position with toes tucked under. After that place your palms on the ball and shift your bodyweight forward until in plank position. Then slowly lower the chest toward the medicine ball until you touch it. Slowly, move upwards like you do in a normal push-up. Don’t overdo, start with 10 reps and slowly proceed at your own speed.

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2. Squats with medicine ball


Simply stand with your feet shoulder width apart while holding a medicine ball out in front of your body above your chest with straight arms. “Then slowly lower your body, bending at the hips, keeping your weight back on your heels.” Try to keep your back as straight as possible. Also, ensure that your knees aren’t crossing the plain of your toes. If you are not clear how to do it you can watch the above video carefully.

3. V-Up


For doing a V-Up with medicine ball, firstly you need to lie flat on your back with your legs extended. Then you need to bring your arms overhead while holding the medicine ball in both hands. Engage the core to lift your feet and hands simultaneously in a way that the body forms a “V” position. After touching the ball at your feet, slowly return to the previous position. Repeat the exercise again, but don’t overdo reps on day 1. Proceed at your own pace.

4. Front Lunge and Twist


This Medicine Ball exercise works on your oblique muscle mass tissues. To do this, stand together with your feet straight and shoulders wide apart. Your arms should be outstretched and straight in front of you while holding a medicine ball.

Step forward with your left feet and bend your left knee at a 90-degree angle while keeping your arms outstretched. Your right leg will also bend at a 90-degree angle raising the back heel off the floor.

While maintaining this position, twist your upper body in the direction of your forward leg as much as you can (don’t push your limits), and twist back to the previous position. After that change the forward leg and repeat the same steps. Do some reps (15-20).

5. Shoulder Press


This is one of the easiest medicine ball exercises for beginners, but you can make it a bit tough for you by choosing a heavier ball. To do shoulder press, hold a medicine ball at the chest level, then slowly take the ball overhead. Maintain the position for a while, then slowly return to the start position and repeat it 15-20 times.

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If you are suffering from any medical problem, please don’t do these medicine ball exercises without consulting your doctor. We don’t want to aggravate any of your health problems.


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