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25 Natural Detox Ways to Cleanse Your Body in a Nutritious Way

Just like you bathe every day to cleanse your body, it is equally important that you cleanse it from within. Natural Detox of your body becomes necessary when the amount of metabolic waste cross the threshold of the detoxification system that the body can actually tolerate.

Eating healthy foods and regular exercises contribute to the detoxification of your body naturally. Apart from eating healthy foods, it is also important that you quit any addictions if you have any like smoking or drinking. So eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Natural Detox To Cleanse Your BodyWhat Is Natural Detox

There are foods that naturally flush out the toxins from your body and all the unnecessary substances.

So instead of feeling guilty and wasting time, try to take the proper dietary intakes of the foods that can detoxify your body without enduring any pain and burning a BIG hole in your pocket.

Here is a List of Natural Detox Foods to Cleanse Your Body in a Delicious Way

Natural Detox Foods
Natural Detox Foods


Water is one of the essential ingredients to detoxify your body naturally.

Water cleanses your body from within and washes out all the toxins that accumulate in the body.

Therefore, you should add optimum amount of water to your daily routine. However the amount of water intake varies from individual to individual, as it depends on the body weight and the amount of water that you are used to drink.

The liver needs lots and lots of water to function properly to remove all the waste products from the body.

Drinking enough water the whole day contributes to a glowing skin as well as it makes all the systems including the respiratory, circulatory and the digestive system to work effectively.

2. Brussels sprouts

These cruciferous veggies like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli are rich in fiber that helps in keeping the bowel system regular thereby flushing out the toxins from your body.

These veggies also promote your liver, kidney and gut health.

3. Lemons

The consumption of lemon water induces the gall bladder and colon to produce digestive juices so that the necessary substances are processed and unwanted substances are flushed out of the body. Apart from this, lemon juice has an amazing property to make water more palatable.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric has amazing detoxifying properties, and most of the health care practitioners suggest increasing the intake of turmeric in the daily diet.

It helps the liver to detoxify toxins from the body. Simply adding this spice in your food or even adding a little turmeric to your tea will have amazing health benefits.

5. Green Tea

The antioxidant property present in green tea has made it a very popular beverage among the health conscious public. It helps the body to fight against the damage-causing free radicals.

The antioxidants cleanse your body and prevent deadly diseases like cancer. It also slows down premature ageing.

Embracing a cup of green tea every morning and restricting the intake of caffeine is a wise idea if you want to cleanse your body and flush out the toxic substances.

Green tea will give a caffeine boost but not obviously as caffeine, but it will surely sweep away the lethargy just as caffeine does.

6. Oats

Oats help to reduce cholesterol and the coating of plaque from the arteries. As a result, the arteries are broadened thereby improving the blood circulation to and from the heart.

Oats also help in the production of fatty acids that stimulates the bacteria growth that helps in the proper digestion of food and elimination of the accumulated toxic substances from the body.

7. Dandelions

Dandelion greens boost the functioning of the liver and eliminate all the toxic substances from the body. You may not be able to find dandelions in the local grocery shop, but you will find it in any leading health stores.

8. Seaweed

You can add this amazing flavored ingredient in your salad or serve it as the afternoon snack.

Apart from the delicious taste, seaweeds are also one of the best natural detox foods to efficiently detoxify the harmful toxins from your body.

The dense phytonutrients present in the seaweeds have amazing health benefits apart from being a low-calorie food.

9. Lentils

This is yet another addition to the detox diet; lentils are a huge source of protein. Unlike the non-vegetarian meat sources, lentils provide you with all the necessary proteins without adding calories and toxic substances.

These tiny legumes regulate the glycemic index and thus prevent the blood sugar to fluctuate abruptly. The zinc present in lentils aids in the biochemical processes which in turn improves the overall metabolic activities of the body.

10. Artichokes

Artichokes can be renamed as the powerhouse of detoxification. They have all the detoxifying properties that are responsible for the proper functioning of the liver.

They ensure more production of the bile juice that helps in the proper digestion of the food by breaking down the complex substances and absorbing the essential nutrients.

The fiber content in artichokes also helps in the proper bowel movements by improving the gut health.

11. Oranges

Oranges are rich in essential antioxidants and the Vitamin C contents in oranges help in the proper detoxification of the body.

The production of the essential compound glutathione aids in the detoxification function of the liver.

12. Yogurt

The probiotic present in yogurt promotes the growth of the beneficial bacteria thereby improving the health of the gut. It helps in the processing of the essential substances and removing the waste products from the body.

13. Sweet Potatoes

The B vitamins like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 together with folate are the key ingredients that aid in the breakdown processes thus promoting normal digestion, metabolic health and overall functioning of the different organs of the body.

Ans sweet potatoes have all of them. Therefore, they serve as a great detoxifying agent and cleanses the body from harmful toxins.

14. Eggs

After partying hard for the last few days, your body probably wants to get over the hangover effects. Eggs play a very important role that helps in cutting down the hangover of the last night.

The amino acid and the high cysteine contents in eggs play a very important role in breaking down the byproduct of alcohol namely acetaldehyde.

Cysteine breaks down the acetaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water and then eliminates the toxic compound from the body as waste thereby completely detoxifying the body.

15. Whole clean foods

Whole clean foods refer to those food items other than the convenient and packaged food items.

By doing this, you are ideally cutting down the sugar and alcohol from your daily diet. This gives the liver time to detoxify the toxins that have accumulated in the body so far.

16. Fruit juices

Vegetables and fruits fresh juices have amazing detoxifying benefits and other health benefits. A diet of only fruit juice for two to three days can cleanse your body completely.

Avoid citrus fruits and include organic fruits as well as vegetables to extract the juice and drink it daily for consecutive three days to get the desired results.

Organic fruits save you from consuming the harmful pesticides. Be diligent while you choose organic fruits. See the labels before buying organic foods so that you can differentiate between fruits and vegetables that are not organically grown and cultivated.

When you are on this diet, then the body gets a chance to rejuvenate and recuperate, and thus, the body gets recharged and comes back to its natural processes.

Apart from these food items, there are some lifestyle changes that you need to adapt to in order to do the natural detox of your body from within.

17. Take rest

Allow your body to take rest; even the most efficient machines need some rest, and here it is a full human body which is no less than an efficient machine doing all the multitasking jobs perfectly and efficiently.

While you take rest, the liver gets the opportunity to process all the inflammation and detoxifies the whole body while it is in rest mode. Eight hours of sound sleep is mandatory to keep your body healthy.

If your body is denied a sound sleep, then you will have a compromised immunity that will eventually lead to a bad health and serious complications.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind so sleeping and taking rest during the day is of utmost importance.

18. Dry brush

Dry brushing improves the blood circulation, encourages the growth of new cells and improves the lymphatic drainage of the systems.

It helps to shed the dead cells of the skin thereby making your skin glow. Thus, it helps in the detoxification of the body and keeps you healthy.

19. Exercise regularly

Exercises such as yoga, brisk walking and pilates help improve the blood circulation in the body that directly contributes to the transport of all the toxic substances out of your body thus detoxifying it completely.

These intensive exercises lead to sweating which is a process to detoxify the body. Sweating is a powerful method by which the body removes the excess fat and other toxins that are stored in the body. Sweating also keeps your body cool and relaxed.

20. Try acupuncture

Some of the most complicated health issues are solved by practicing this holistic form of medicine and exercises.

Any blockages developed in the body due to the accumulation of the toxic substances can be removed by practicing acupuncture on a daily basis. This keeps your mind healthy as well.

21. Avoid environmental toxins

There are environmental toxins that can cause damage to your body. Chemical fumes coming out of the factory, smog or someone smoking near you making you a passive smoker are all instances of environmental toxins accumulating in your body.

Try to avoid this as far as possible and breathe in clean and fresh air. If you are a smoker yourself, try to give up this habit of smoking and consuming alcohol.

22. Stress management

Managing stress is an important issue to deal with in our daily lives. Stress and anxiety inhibit the production of good hormones in the body and thereby accumulating toxic substances in the body that are too stubborn to be released.

Stress causes health complications like unwanted weight gain, lack of energy and loss of interest in almost everything. Managing your anxieties properly helps in flushing out the unwanted substances from the body.

23. Stop taking antibiotics

Antibiotics are well-known medicines to kill the germs that are accumulated in the body, but it may contain harmful substances that can counter attack your digestive tract and intestines.

The best ways to deal with the various viruses and germs is to go the natural way which has lesser known side effects as compared to antibiotics.

Consuming too much of antibiotics can be detrimental to your heart health. So if you want to detoxify your body, naturally it is the best to try homemade remedies and stay fit and healthy.

24. Healthy bowel system

All the toxic substances in the body are flushed out through the excretory system. So if the excretory system is working properly then getting rid of the toxic substances is not at all a problem.

Regular bowel movements and even the peeing helps you get rid of harmful toxins. So keeping yourself hydrated to regularise the bowel system is of utmost importance.

Never allow your body to hold on these waste products under any circumstances otherwise, it may lead to serious health complications.

25. Meditation

Meditation is an effective way to eliminate the daily stresses and anxieties thus releasing the harmful toxins from the body. So try to devote at least half an hour for meditation from your daily busy schedules to keep yourself healthy.

These are some of the natural detox foods and lifestyle changes that you need to adapt to improve your health conditions and detoxify your body naturally.

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