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10 Differences Between The Girl You Date And The Woman You Marry !!

There is no denying the fact that there a few differences between a men and women which are fundamental. The way men and women go through hormonal and chemical changes and the ways they socialize are poles apart. The girl you date and the woman you marry are two very different people, which we will highlight later in the article.

“A girl wants attention, a woman wants respect. A girl wants to be adored by many. A woman wants to be adored by one.”

girl you date

Boys will be attracted to girls while a man will be attracted to a woman. The words boys and men cannot be used interchangeably and it does not have any relation with the biological age of a person. What we refer here is the level of maturity, stage of life and vision regarding life. There are certain people who just never grow up and that highlights the differences between the girl you date and the woman you marry.

Difference between a girl and a woman:

What is necessary to mention here is that this does not mean that woman won’t have those immature “girlish” tendencies or vice versa. After all it is those girlish tendencies, which guys find cute but the excess of those tendencies is what can be defined as immaturity.

The Woman You Should marry

As a single man, guys would date any girl or woman based on how attractive she is. Their maturity, intelligence, opinions don’t matter at all. These are the qualities that separate the girl you date and the woman you marry.

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Each and every damsel guys date tend to be girls. It takes them a long time to find a woman who is worth quitting the bar scene and doing away with the single status.

The differences between the girl you date and the woman you marry:

1. The girl you date loves you because of the financial support and security which you can provide her. Every time she gifts you something, she is expecting you will gift her something more expensive.

The woman you marry loves you because she believes that you and she will be able to build a strong financial cushion together. If she ever does something for you or gifts you something, she never expects anything in return.

2. The girl you date is too much into her looks. All she cares about is to look pretty and loves all the attention she gets because of her looks. Her eyelashes, her nails and her hairstyle must be prim and proper all the time.

The woman you marry hardly cares about petty things like nails and eyelashes. She also wants to look beautiful, but only for the man she married. What matters more to her is the character of a person and what they are inside because being mature; she understands that real beauty emanates from within.

3. The girl you date will never tell you her most guarded secrets because she doesn’t trust you that much.

The woman you marry will have no qualms in sharing anything with you because she completely trusts you. She knows you are understanding and mature. She believes that, when it comes to being in a serious relationship, the best policy is that of honesty.

4. The girl you date is immature enough to make comparisons between you and her ex.

The woman you marry loves you for what you are and is never going to make comparisons with anyone. She believes that you are already trying hard to be your best self and you cannot be someone else.

5. The girl you date has too many tantrums. She reacts like a kid whenever she is upset or displeased. It includes pouting, screaming, giving you the silent treatment or acting aggressive.

The woman you marry gets upset too, but has mastered the skill of reacting versus responding. She presents her problems in a mature manner and tells what is bothering her without being aggressive or screaming.

“A girl cherishes handbags, diamonds and her shoe collection as her prize possessions. A woman cherishes her health, her sense of self, and her talents as her greatest assets.”
– N. Mah

6. The girl you date has a checklist for guys which are topped by qualities that are superficial. For example: 6 feet tall, hot, popular, rich, six pack abs.

The woman you marry looks for intelligence, integrity, communication and emotions.

7. The girl you date requires constant attention and demands you entertain her 24/7.

The woman you marry only wants to spend time with you. She wants to have fun, do stuff, relax or sometimes just sit back and enjoy your company.

8. The girl you date thinks that compromising means bowing down to a demand.

The woman you marry understands that things don’t work out in the way we imagine in life and compromises because she knows that sometimes, it is necessary for a healthy marriage.

9. The girl you date is proud of the fact that she doesn’t know how to cook or clean because she sees them as something a domestic help should do.

The woman you marry understands that one must know how to take care of oneself and gives importance to cooking and cleaning. She derives pleasure from taking care of her family and does not see this as her duty.

10. The girl you date is not interested in meeting your friends or family.

The woman you marry is excited at the prospect of meeting your friends and family as she understands they occupy an important position in your life too and had a role in shaping your character.

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These differences between the girl you date and the woman you marry will teach you a lot about woman. Finding a girl who has all these qualities is as difficult as nailing a jelly to a tree. If you have found her, hold on to her tightly and never let her go. Also, always remember you are one of the few lucky people who married the complete woman, “The One”. Cherish her!

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